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Alphacat (ACAT)

What is happening to Alphacat (ACAT) price? Is it a good investment and when should you buy it?

Alphacat is the world’s first robot adviser marketplace focused on cryptocurrencies. It is also the world’s first platform providing various AI trading robots for users to offer investment advisor services. The goal of Alphacat is to make investing for the average person as easy as buying a bottle of Coke and good investment performance to boot.

Market Demand:

We are, as a species, risk-averse, and have needed to be for survival. This extends to our vocabulary – higher risk also means the possibility of higher rewards, but you don’t hear anyone claim to be reward-averse. “Risk” will forever be associated with something bad, especially when it comes to investments. Investment advisors don’t warn about “upside risk.”

Conflating volatility with risk makes the former also something to be avoided, in the minds of most investors. Yet volatility is not the same as risk. Volatility is a metric, a number, a measurement. Risk is an ambiguous concept.

The relatively high volatility of crypto markets is a barrier for some but a magnet for others. Many professional traders have entered the crypto market because of the volatility. They bring with them liquidity which reduces spreads and further pushes market maturation forward. And as one asset’s volatility starts to settle down, another younger, more restive asset is but a couple of clicks away.

Alphacat is a marketplace for simple-to-use yet powerful robo-advisors focused on cryptocurrency investment.  Alphacat’s predictive investment tools give its users a competitive edge by leveraging proven and patented trading algorithms, and combining them with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big-data technologies. The goal of Alphacat is to make investing in cryptocurrencies easy and accessible for everyone regardless of their background or experience and to bring the advantages of financial technology into the world of digital assets!

So far, Alphacat claims that its AI robots have predicted the probability of Bitcoin price rises with an accuracy of 60%, and that no other prediction tool on the market so far can offer this level of accuracy.

The Team

The token is developed by an all-star team mainly composed of Wall Street financial experts and former team members of Google’s Artificial Intelligence program. As much as this sounds wonderful, no specifics for the team are publicly available.

Price Analysis for AAX Token (AAB)

ACAT has Rank #810 with Market Cap of $1,337,517

Alphacat has a circulating supply of 3.3 Billion coins and a max supply of 6.25 Billion coins (1 BTC = 27Million ACAT).  All-Time High was $0.02048330 2 years ago is down -98% compared to the current price of $0.00040106. All-Time Low was $0.00009494 six months ago and is up 324% compared to the current price. 24-hour trading volume is $116,048

Based on the 30-Day chart, we can notice very high trading volume which implicates that we can expect price volatility.

Based on the 6-month chart there is forming an ascending triangle pattern, which often leads for price breakouts. In that case expect $0.0007 level.

KuCoin is the current most active market trading it. You can find it paired with BTC and ETH.

Upcoming Events

  • Wealth management, part 2:lending, staking
  • Bitcoin dimensions contracts
  • Additional indices
  • Multi-asset as collateral for trading
  • Quarterly futures
  • Social trading and trading bot
  • Margin trading
  • Options
  • AAB futures contracts

‌Should I buy AlphaCat (ACAT)?

Alphacat team provide advanced financial products and the tools used by professional financial institutions and making them available and accessible to ordinary investors. They aim to develop the next-generation of financial technology by taking down existing barriers and providing a platform with an accessible and powerful engine for financial experts and novices alike.

Should you buy into this coin? Investing is a personal choice and investors should consult with experts when making financial decisions. It's important to note cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, unregulated and have the potential to go to zero. If this doesn't discourage you and would like to know if the ACAT Token made it to our shortlist, check out our weekly Altcoin Reports. ‌

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