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We accept guest posts on topics relating to the crypto space, blockchain technology & cryptocurrency investing.

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Looking to get traction for your Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto, or ICO/IEO Project?

Guest post with us to further increase your SEO ranking and authority within the cryptocurrency space.

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Advertising Options

We have 4 advertising offerings:

1 - Submit a Crypto Guest Post

Submit a unique, well-written +700 word (preferably +1,000 words) article relating to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, industry news, or crypto investing with 1-3 do-follow links.

The article will be published on our home page (for a minimum of 24 hours) and included under one of our home page sections, such as "How-to", "Opinion" or "Product Review".

In addition, we are Google News Approved, which means the article may also be syndicated to other news websites and crypto platforms.

Please note: We only accept SPONSORED guest posts

We will insert your link (and tags) as well as additional verbiage (where necessary) into an existing article on our website. Reach out to us by email and let us know which article you are interested in having your link inserted, as well as the link and tags (and additional wording - if necessary).

3 - We Write a Review of your Project

Using our team of researchers and copywriters, one of our top journalists will write a minimum 750-word article about your product or service.

This can include:

  • An unbiased review of your business
  • Thought-leadership piece
  • Interview
  • Custom requests

These types of articles receive the highest circulation out of all of our options. They are featured on our homepage for the longest time and also have the highest chances of being syndicated on Google News and other related sites.

4 - Write for Us

Writing for us is an excellent method to further establish your authority as a blockchain leader within the crypto/blockchain space. You will receive your own author page and an author bio under each of your posts. Your guest posts will also receive a lot of organic do-follow backlinks.

Content Guidelines

Guest Post Content Guidelines

Purpose & Audience:

Our website is focused on investing, specifically in the area of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our readership comprises individuals interested in these topics, whether they are seasoned investors or newbies looking to dive into the world of digital currency.


We welcome guest posts on a variety of themes under the umbrella of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This can include, but is not limited to, investment strategies, market analysis, technological advancements, future trends, making money with crypto, and how-to guides for beginners.

Content Types:

We accept various types of content, including thought pieces, reviews, case studies, and how-to guides. We encourage diverse content that caters to both new and experienced investors. Ensure your guest post is 100% unique and informative.

Length of the Content:

All guest posts should be more than 700 words, preferably +1,000 words. This ensures the content provides enough depth and value to our readers.


There are no specific style or tone requirements. We believe in showcasing a variety of voices and perspectives in our content. However, keep the content professional, respectful, and suitable for an audience with varying levels of investment knowledge.

Images & Multimedia:

Every post should include a main article image. The image should be high-resolution, free of copyright restrictions, and relevant to the content. If you use other forms of media, such as infographics or videos, ensure they add value to the article and are relevant. You can include pictures, screen captures, infographics, charts, and so on in the content ( and offer free images if you need them). You must mention the source of images used in your article.

Please note we do not accept the use of Emojis in the article title or descriptions

Feature Image:

The featured image (header image) must be of the following dimensions 3x2 to ensure that it will be displayed correctly.

Guest Post Image Size

While there are no specific rules around this, all self-promotion and backlinks should be kept tasteful, and relevant, and add value to the reader.

We allow 2-4 do-follow links per article (2 Authoritative Resources & 2 Product/Service Links). An authoritative resource can include an internal ( website) link or a link to an authoritative website like Wikipedia, etc. The external links should lead to reputable sources and align with the content of the article.

Submission Process:

Please submit your article via email in a Word document format. The subject line should read "Guest Post Submission - [Your Name]". Include your main article image as a separate attachment or in a Google Doc or Word document. Please don't submit articles in PDF format.

Review Process:

After submission, our team will review your article. If revisions are required, we will contact you with feedback. Please be prepared to make any necessary changes to meet our guidelines and standards.

Turn Around Time (TAT):

As soon as the article has been received and passed our review, it will be posted the same day (within 24 hours).

Content Restrictions:

We believe in fostering open discussion and sharing diverse opinions. However, any content deemed inappropriate, offensive, or excessively promotional will not be accepted.

We're excited to hear your unique perspectives on cryptocurrency investing and blockchain technology. Thank you for your interest in contributing to our website!

Domain Ranking

Our Domain Authority & Ahrefs Ranking

Domain Ranking:

The authority of a website in the eyes of Google is determined by its domain ranking. Domain Ranking Authority (as measured by Ahrefs) for

Ahrefs Ranking for Altcoin Investor

Audience Demographics

Audience Demographics:

Audience Demographics for Altcoin Investor

Our average website visitors are men (63%) between the ages of 25 to 34. The majority of visitors work within the fields of finance, tech, or sales with an average household income of between $60-$120k/year.

Visitors by Country

Country Percentage
United States 39%
United Kingdom 6%
Canada 5%
Australia 5%
Netherlands 4%
Germany 4%
Other 37%

Based on our historical data, our website visitors are very interested in learning more about crypto investing, making money opportunities (within the crypto space), advances in blockchain technology, industry news, and new and emerging investment opportunities.

Article Syndication

Google News Syndication for Altcoin Investor

Google News - Approved

Altcoin Investor is a Google News-approved website, which means that Google values our high-quality content and unique perspective on the market. Google News can provide a significant boost in brand exposure and traffic - For guest posts, this offers additional benefits including:

  • Your post will be indexed quickly (by Google)
  • Your content is published on an authority website (recognized by Google)
  • Increased organic (search engine) traffic to your post
  • Your content will also be published at

Social Profiles

When an article is published on our blog, it is also published on our social media profiles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions:

What type of content do you accept?

We accept content related to the investing and cryptocurrency space and this can include content relating to blockchain technology, investing, and cryptocurrencies. This can include articles for iGaming, FinTech, Forex, Crypto Casino, and related themed content). We do not accept not-safe-for-work content.

Is there a minimum word length?

The article should be more than 700 words. Preferably 1,000 words or more.

Do you accept "do-follow" links?

Yes, we accept both do-follow and no-follow links.

How many "do-follow" links can I include?

We accept 1-4 do-follow links for each article.

Do you accept "naked URL" (anchor text)?

No. We do not accept naked URLs in the anchor text. Also, note we do not accept URLs in the Article Title.

Do you tag posts as sponsored?

No, guest posts will not be tagged as sponsored.

Do you accept "free" guest posts?

No, we do not accept "free" guest posts. We are only accepting sponsored guest posts. Please contact us for our pricing (

How long will the content be 'live' for?

For guest and sponsored posts, the content will be on the website for the lifetime of the website.

What payment method do you accept?

Our preferred payment is Cryptocurrency (USDT, BTC, LTC, BNB). We also accept credit cards, wire transfers, and PayPal. Please specify your payment method when placing an order.

Do you provide an invoice?

Yes, upon request an invoice will be provided.

What languages do you accept posts in?

We only accept articles in English.

What is your turnaround time (TAT)?

Guest posts are published within 24 hours (typically the same business day).