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What is an AI Supercloud?

Multi-node AI Training (as a service) for Enterprise use.

AI Supercloud


An AI supercloud is a multi-node AI-training-as-a-service solution that's optimized for the needs of enterprise AI​.

What is an AI Supercloud?

In general, the concept of a supercloud describes an architecture that utilizes the underlying services and primitives of hyperscale and other clouds to deliver additional value beyond what's available from a single public cloud provider. A supercloud spans multiple cloud platforms, including on-premises clouds and edge installations, and provides an abstraction layer that can simplify the underlying complexity of various clouds while also leveraging these capabilities to add value on top of native cloud primitives.

'AI Supercomputer' in the Cloud

One way to think about an AI supercloud is as an AI supercomputer in the cloud. It's designed for multi-node training and can be accessed in conjunction with leading cloud service providers. Users of the DGX Cloud can tap into NVIDIA's AI expertise to optimize their code for faster results, which can improve the return on investment of their projects.


An AI supercloud, such as NVIDIA's DGX Cloud, is a multi-node AI-training-as-a-service solution that's optimized for the needs of enterprise AI​. This AI supercloud lets users access the best of NVIDIA's AI innovation, including their Base Command Platform, AI Enterprise, and DGX infrastructure.

What are the Advantages of an AI Supercloud?

A significant advantage of an AI supercloud is its predictable costs. Users pay a consistent, monthly price that includes software, compute, storage, data egress, and support, providing financial transparency and peace of mind.

The DGX Cloud is powered by NVIDIA's Base Command Platform, a comprehensive AI workflow management software as a service (SaaS) for AI developers that spans cloud and on-premises resources. It manages the end-to-end lifecycle of AI development, including workload management and resource sharing.

NVIDIA also offers a set of cloud services called AI Foundations that are powered by the DGX Cloud. These services provide businesses with a simplified approach to building and running custom generative AI.