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What is Altcoin Season?

Altcoin season is referred to as a period where Bitcoin dominance is falling and consequently, the market capitalization of alternative coins are increasing.

Altcoin Season


The term "Altcoin Season" refers to a period in the cryptocurrency market cycle when alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) experience significant gains in value, often outperforming Bitcoin in terms of percentage growth.

During an altcoin season, investors and traders shift their focus from Bitcoin to altcoins, seeking higher returns on investment. This usually leads to increased trading volumes, market capitalization, and media attention for various altcoins.

Here are Some Characteristics of an Altcoin Season:

  • High Returns: Altcoins can experience exponential growth, sometimes even doubling or tripling in value in a short period.
  • Bitcoin Dominance Drops: The market share of Bitcoin compared to the total cryptocurrency market capitalization decreases. This is often measured by the "Bitcoin Dominance Index."
  • Increased Media Attention: Media outlets and social media platforms often buzz with news and discussions about the latest altcoin projects.
  • High Trading Volumes: Trading volumes for altcoins generally increase, leading to higher liquidity.
  • New Projects: New altcoin projects may launch, and existing ones may announce significant updates, partnerships, or milestones, further fueling interest.
  • Retail Participation: An influx of retail investors, often new to the cryptocurrency market, may participate, driving up prices.
  • Speculative Behavior: The market often becomes more speculative, with investors jumping from one altcoin to another in search of quick profits.
History of Altcoin Seasons

History of Altcoin Seasons:

The concept of "Altcoin Season" has been a recurring phenomenon in the cryptocurrency market since the advent of alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins).

While Bitcoin was the first and is the most well-known cryptocurrency, the introduction of altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others expanded the ecosystem and introduced the concept of market cycles that include periods favorable to these alternative assets.

Key Moments in the History of Altcoin Seasons:

Since the inception of cryptocurrency and after the first Altcoin, Ethereum was born there have been numerous "Altcoin Seasons".

Here is a history of Altcoin Seasons within the crypto space.

Early Days (2011-2013):

The first altcoins started appearing in 2011, with Litecoin being one of the earliest. However, the concept of an "Altcoin Season" wasn't well-defined at this point.

First Major Altcoin Season (2013):

The year 2013 saw one of the first significant altcoin rallies, with coins like Litecoin experiencing substantial gains. This was also the year when the term "Altcoin Season" started gaining traction.

Ethereum's Entry (2015):

The launch of Ethereum in 2015 brought smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) into the picture, providing a new use case for altcoins and fueling interest in the broader altcoin market.

ICO Boom and 2017 Altcoin Season:

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) craze of 2017 led to a massive altcoin season. Many tokens saw astronomical gains, and Bitcoin's dominance dropped significantly. This period is often cited as the most prominent altcoin season to date.

Crypto Winter (2018):

After the highs of 2017, the market entered a bear phase, often referred to as the "Crypto Winter." Altcoins were severely affected, with many losing over 90% of their value.

DeFi Summer (2020):

The rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) led to a mini altcoin season in the summer of 2020. Tokens related to DeFi projects experienced significant gains.

NFT and Layer-2 Solutions (2021):

The popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Layer-2 solutions like Polygon contributed to another period of strong performance for certain altcoins.

The Cyclic Nature of Altcoin Seasons:

Altcoin seasons have shown a tendency to be cyclical, often following Bitcoin's halving events or major market milestones.

It's important to note that while altcoin seasons can offer high returns, they also come with increased risk and volatility. Crypto investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before participating in these market cycles.