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Basic Attention Token (BAT)

We take a value-based approach to the analysis of the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Is it a good investment and when should you purchase it?

The BAT token offers an entirely new ecosystem and approach to online interaction - The attribution of value to one's "attention" online and the value that it represents.

How the Basic Attention Token (BAT) Works:

The Basic Attention Token is not simply another cryptocurrency, rather its a whole new paradigm shift in how website advertises, online visitors and publishers interact with the internet offering a more equitable and fair business model that rewards all parties involved.

The BAT token represents a whole new way of interacting online with a focus on fairness, privacy and security. The company is lead by the former creator of Java Script who is also the co-founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich.

The idea behind the "Basic Attention Token" is to reward users for their "attention". Advertisers pay BAT to push their ads onto willing users in exchange for a share of the revenue. Additionally, the brave browser which the advertising is hosted on also provides privacy-centred browsing and integrates blockchain technology to reward publishers and participants accordingly.

Given the already rapid adoption of this browser, the increased awareness and need for internet privacy (and security) this coin and it's new approach to internet participation, will likely change the way the internet is interacted with entirely and offers excellent support for this token.

How to Use the Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token is this project's attempt to reward the internet user for inconvenience of advertising to them. The new, user based approach (which allows the user to participate and be rewarded for viewing advertising) lead by the create of Java Script and the co-founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich.

The entire mechanism is handled behind the scenes and for the internet user it only requires them to change to the Brave Browser to start benefiting from this cryptocurrency.

Investment Analysis:

The below section is our assessment of this token. This analysis is based on the fundamental principles of value based investing. Market price doesn't always reflect market value and within the world of cryptocurrencies it's difficult to distinguish between the two. We have developed a matrix to assess Altcoins the summary of our assessment is contained below.

Market Price

Over the last 6-months the BAT token has steadily gained users, volume and token price. We anticipate continued price increases as the project, user-base and ecosystem develop out over the next few years.

Market, Demand & Growth

In July 16th, 2017 this token was trading at 6.6 cents and an all time high of $0.98 on January 9, 2018. Standing within the top 40 cryptocurrencies traded by market capitalisation, it's already performed exceptionally well in the last few years.

This browser and the ecosystem that is supports have the potential to completely change how the internet is interacted with. It's anticipated this token will continue along this consistent growth.  

Overall Investment Assessment

This is a very robust and strong coin with a massive community and user base supporting it. It's certain to grow as we live in a world demanding more security and privacy. It's likely we will see more browser supported cryptocurrencies in the near future, but BAT is a clear leader in this market. It is not foretasted for BAT to be a massive gainer, however is anticipated to make decent long-term gains. At the time of writing, this token still offers tremendous growth potential for the investor.

Should I buy the Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Investments are personal choices and at Altcoin investor we like to stress that investing is a personal choice and as part of that personal choice a framework and approach needs to be developed and then the coins you are considering should be determined whether they fit into your own personal investing philosophy and approach. For each person and their approach is different. Find out how this coin fits into our investment philosophy by subscribing to our weekly Altcoin Report.

How to Buy Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT can be easily found on most major exchanges. This token can also be "earned" by using the Brave Browser to browse the internet.

Wallets & Hardware Storage:

Both Trezor and Ledger support BAT and it is also offered by most (if not all) major software wallets.

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