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Best Masternodes to Invest in

List of the best masternodes to invest in if you looking to getting started in investing in masternodes.

A Masternode is an online  server that provides computational functions (such as anonymizing transactions or clearing transactions) and is remunerated by the networks in tokens for providing this service.

What is a Masternodes?

A masternode is a computer that performs a computational function and in return gets renumerated by the network. Masternodes offer investors an example of truly passive income.

There are over 20,000 different cryptocurrencies actively traded yet, less than 200 masternode projects. The masternode community is still small and can offer tremendous passive income for investors.

Why Invest In Masternodes?

The greatest attraction for investors is the passive income opportunities available with a masternode.

What is the Best Masternode

There is no singular answer to this question, but it can be determined by determining the cost of the masternode, its income, and potential for price accumulation.

How to find the current price and rewards for a masternode?

There are only a handful of websites that offer real-time calculations for the cost and revenue for masternodes.

Masternode Cost and Profitability Websites:

The earnings and prices on this webpage come from

Best Low-Priced Masternodes to Invest in:

Masternodes can range in price from many hundreds of thousands of dollars to only a few dollars. This is a list of the most affordable masternodes with the greatest growth potential.

#1 - Essentia Mars (ESS) - Profit $1.69/day | Cost $100

Current Stats | CoinMarketCap | Website | GitHub | Twitter | Score: 7.5/10

Essentia is a masternode-powered blockchain that enables interoperability and cross-chain transactions. Interoperability, cross-chain transactions, and liquidity are important for the future development of the crypto space and Web3.

This masternode has a high ROI (+500%) and there hasn't been much code development or a recent blog post. The last tweet was on September 1st, 2022.

Mercury Masternode: 100,000 ESSX + 10k for staking

Mars Masternode: 300,000 ESSx + 10k for staking

#2 - Flux (Cumulus) - Profit: $0.20/day | Cost $596

Current Stats | Website | CoinMarketCap | GitHub | Twitter | Score: 8/10

The Flux Network currently hosts over 4,000 dApps. Flux nodes are decentralized nodes run by users all over the world. Flux node operators have the option to choose to set up their node on their own hardware or they can use a VPS.

#3 - Cryptoshares (SHARES) - Profit $5/day | Cost $386

Current Stats | Website | GitHub | Twitter | Score: 6.5/10

Converting cryptocurrency Usecase development into financial and Tradeable Digital Equity.

#4 - Hibera (BIB) - Profit: $5.3/day | Cost $391

Current Stats | Website | GitHub | Twitter | Telegram | Score: 6/10

Hibera is a collateralized borrowing and lending platform using Hibera Blockchain.

This project is active on Twitter and has recent activity on GitHub. However, it is a very young project with a very small following. There are no details about the team of how large it is. The team is likely very small for this project.

#5 - NEXT (NEXT) - Profit $37/day | Cost $1,300

Current Stats | Website | Telegram | Twitter | Score: 6/10

A blockchain with lightning transactions and low costs. Build on bitcoin core with tokenization and smart contract support.  Unfortunately, no recent Tweets, and a very small community.

#6 - PIVX (PIVX) - Profit: $0.65/day | Cost $2,644

Current Stats | Website| Github | Twitter | Score: 8/10

Privacy masternode with a large community and active social profile.

#7 - Tutela (TUTL) - Profit $1/day | Cost $134

Current Stats | Website | GitHub | Twitter | Score: 6.5/10

Creates temporary secure VMs anywhere in the world!

#8 - BlackHat (BLCK) - Profit: $0.49/day | Cost $422

Current Stats | Website | Github | Twitter | Score: 6.5/10

Privacy-focused decentralized cryptocurrency provides truly anonymous untraceable transactions based on PoS consensus and zk-SNARKs data protection protocol (Zero Knowledge Proof).

#9 - Nodetrade (MNX) - Profit: $53/day | Cost $1,800

Current Stats | Website | CoinGecko | GitHub | Twitter | Score: 6/10

A masternode cross-chain trading platform. New project with a very small community.

New Masternode Collateral Change To: 7,000 MNX


Gala Nodes (Gala)

Website | CoinGecko | Twitter | Discord | Score: 9/10

Gala Nodes are essential parts of the Gala Games Ecosystem that help to secure the Gala Games network. If you buy a Gala node and become a node operator you will receive points in the "Daily Distribution", which are Gala tokens and gaming NFTs. They will be added to your Treasure chest.

The price of the node is variable and increases with every 100 nodes purchased.

Hedera (HBAR)

Website | CoinMarketCap | Twitter | Reddit | Score: 9/10

HBAR is the native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency of Hedera that powers the decentralized economy.

How to setup a node.

PreSearch (PRE) - Profit: $0.02/day | Cost $100

Website | CoinMarketCap | Twitter | Score: 8/10

Decentralized (Web3) Search Engine with more than 4 million members.

How to setup a node.

2,000 PRE is required for a node.


Required for a node: 10 STRONG

Daily Reward: 0.093 STRONG

THOR Nodes

Website | CoinMarketCap | Score: 6/10