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Cash Flow Cryptos

These are protocols that generate revenue and then distribute the revenues to token holders. Here are some cash-flow protocols which will do well

Curve DAO (CRV)

They have the deepest stable coin liquidity and are literally the backbone of DeFi. The fee on every swap is 0.04% and half of that goes to liquidity providers and the other half goes to the holders of Curve.

Already $85 million in fees has been generated so far and half of that has been distributed to VE Curve holders. As long as the market has a need for stablecoins, then Curve will continue to deliver and generate these fees.


GMX is a spot and perpetual DEX built on Avalanche. The protocol generates revenue every time someone opens a trade and closes a trade. There is also a fee for holding leverage positions. 30% of the fee goes to GMX stakers while the remainder goes to GLP holders (70%).  So far, GMX has generated around $50 million in fees.

What we need to pay attention to is GLP. GLP is a liquidity pool that consists of multiple assets that support leveraged trading on GMX. The way that you mint (or get GLP) tokens is by depositing one of the assets into the GLP pool.

When traders lose, GLP holders benefit because the trader's collateral that they lost ends up into the pool, increasing GLP's value.

However, on the contrary, when traders win, GLP loses value because the payout comes out of the GLP pool. However, as we know over the long-term traders have a tendanry to get recked, constantly over and over.

UniSwap (UNI)

They control over 60% of the total DEX trading volume on the market. Just last week they generated over $8 million in protocol revenue (of $8 billion of trading volume).

The fees are only going to liquidity providers, so technically UniSwap is not a cash flow provider, however, there is something called a "fee switch' which is hard coded into the protocol and if the community decides to pass this vote,  and activate the switch, the Uniswap holders will be rewarded with protocol fees. This is currently under discussion.