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What is DeSci?

DeSci leverages blockchain technology to help in solving major issues in scientific research.


DeSci, an acronym for Decentralised Science, is a Web3 initiative to decentralize science. Leveraging Web3 tools such as DAOs, smart contracts, and blockchains to solve major issues in scientific research and reporting of the research.

What is Decentralized Science?

Decentralized science, also known as open science, is a scientific research paradigm that emphasizes transparency, collaboration, and the sharing of research data, methods, and results.

Why is DeSci Important?

Decentralized science is important because it promotes greater transparency, accountability, and accessibility in scientific research, which can lead to faster and more accurate scientific discoveries, and more efficient and cost-effective use of resources.

Traditionally, scientific research has been conducted in closed, centralized institutions, with research data and results held behind closed doors by a select group of researchers. This approach can lead to a lack of transparency and accountability in scientific research, as well as inefficiencies in the scientific process. Decentralized science seeks to address these issues by promoting greater collaboration, transparency, and openness in scientific research.

In a decentralized science paradigm, research data, methods, and results are openly shared and accessible to other researchers, which promotes collaboration and can lead to faster scientific discoveries. Additionally, decentralized science can lead to the more cost-effective use of resources, as researchers can build on each other's work rather than duplicate efforts.

Decentralized science can help to address issues of inequality and exclusion in scientific research. By promoting openness and collaboration, decentralized science can provide opportunities for researchers who may not have access to traditional scientific institutions, such as researchers from developing countries or underrepresented groups.

Overall, decentralized science represents a shift towards a more transparent, collaborative, and open scientific research paradigm, which has the potential to accelerate scientific discovery, promote accountability and accessibility, and address issues of inequality and exclusion in scientific research.

Significane of DeSCI?

DeSci focuses on two important aspects of the scientific community.

  1. Improve the research funding process and facilitate unrestricted sharing of knowledge and information.
  2. Reclaim ownership from centralized entities and unnecessary middlemen.

What does the Decentralized Science Landscape look like?

Some of the key problems in science and how decentralized science can help to address these issues include:

  • Funding
  • Publishing
  • Reproducibility and replicability
  • IP ownership and development (NFTs)
  • Identity