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Ormeus (ECO)

What is happening Ormeus (ECO) price? Is it a good investment and when should you buy it?

This token is the underlying ‘gas’ that protects and powers the Ormeus Ecosystem. It runs a cross-chain, multi-factor data verification and encrypted whitelisting standard known as Blockchain Trust Rating, (BTR). ECO is the brain of the ecosystem and allows businesses and users to conduct commerce within the smart economy with full security and trust.

Market Demand:

With e-retail sales accounting for 14.1% of all retail sales worldwide, ecommerce continues to grow at a speedy rate despite global economic uncertainty. What’s more, forecasts say that these figures will keep growing and reach 22% in 2023. Experts predict that retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.13 trillion in 2020.

ECO token  provides businesses and users with the necessary resources and connections to enjoy a dependable digital life. ECO is the underlying ‘gas’ that protects and powers the Ormeus Ecosystem, processing compulsory services such as De-Identified Secure ID, Reusable Ecosystem KYC, Cross-Chain Relationship Authentication, Credit Rating, Instant Retail Passport and Captive Business Insurance.

Apart from running these type of services, ECO is also required to process ‘ground-rent’ and business fees, onboarding  new corporations or users wishing to operate in the smart economy. And when bad actors such as ‘SilkRoad’ businesses attempt to gain access, ECO will block access, destroy and spread the word.

The Team

John Barksdale is the lead investor. Last 5 years he works as Advisor and sales lead at iAM Marketing a "white-glove," private luxury, professional services, boutique marketing firm. Other team members are young and promising blockchain developers and programmers. It’s obvious the biggest advantage is marketing sector; they are most experienced in that segment.

The collaboration between Binance Chain and the Ecosystem supports significant interoperability to create what will become the biggest multi-business network in the world. Not only is Binance one of the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, the newly released Binance DEX is also one of the most promising decentralized exchange solutions.

The team is funded by USD$250 Million cryptocurrency mining business which secures new digital money system Ormeus Coin, (Orme).

Community members are mainly on twitter and telegram with over 10.000 followers.

Price Analysis for Ormeus (ECO)

Max supply is 200 billion ECO coins (1 BTC = around 3 million ECO). All-Time High was 1 year ago and it was $1.54. All-Time Low was 3 months ago and it was $0.00009885 and is 3816.2% up compared to today’s price. Trading Volume is $938,552.

Ormeus Ecosystem is traded on three centralized cryptocurrency exchange which include Bilaxy and FinexBox. Bilaxy is the current most active market trading it.

Based on 30-Day Chart price is in clear uptrend. You can ride the wave but only short time investing. It is still very risky to invest long-term, you have to wait for the price consolidation first.

Upcoming Events

  • AI Algorithmic Decentralized Project - Q3 – 2020
  • EcoCelium Phase 1 - Q3 – 2020
  • DAO Completing Governance WhitePaper - Q3 – 2020
  • DAO Market Place - Q4 - 2020
  • ORV Version 3.0 - Q4 - 2020
  • ECO listing on HitBTC - Q4 – 2020

Should I buy Oremus Ecosystem (ECO)?

The Oremus Ecosystem focuses on the true meaning of connection via side chain technology to form a highly organized business economy. Each niche industry has its own dedicated multi-layered side chain to fulfil its business goals whilst engaging in cross-chain interactions and thus supporting network currencies.

Each chain can accurately store its own data and upload it to the larger parent chain to realize cross-chain query through data union. Entire network architecture will connect hardware, devices, terminals or services for connection with the Ormeus ‘Internet of Assets’.

The Ecosystem is partnering with Binance Chain in a move designed to exploit better performance, usability, and liquidity. All of this amounts to the co-integration of big data with people, services, money and businesses in a new blockchain era - a new digital life.

Investing is a personal choice and investors should consult with experts when making financial decisions. It's important to note cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, unregulated and have the potential to go to zero. If this doesn't discourage you and would like to know if Ormeus Ecosystem (ECO) made it to our shortlist, check out our weekly Altcoin Reports.

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