This acronym stands for:

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

It is a propaganda tactic and strategy used to influence perception by disseminating negative, dubious or even false information in an attempt to manifest fear and ultimately manipulate the general perception of a subject.

FUD is widely used online within the cryptocurrency space and has been known to have a significant impact on the price of cryptocurrencies, especially those with low market capitalization.

FUD in Cryptocurrency

Within the cryptocurrency space, FUD takes on some very specific meanings. It is a common tactic and strategy used within the speculative investing space, especially with online sources and can have a significant impact on the price of any given crypto or the market at large.

Crypto FUD has the ability to negatively impact the value of a specific cryptocurrency or the market at large. It's the ability to spread misinformation that results in fear, panic, uncertainty and doubt with the intended effect to lower the trading price of the cryptocurrency in question.

Be Aware of FUD in the Markets

With online social media, news can and does travel very quickly. In some cases, this news is not based on facts but rather a strategic and tactical attempt to install fear, uncertainty or doubt in the market.

The lesson is to always do your own research and verify information where you can. The cryptocurrency markets are very volatile and highly susceptible to FUD.

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