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The Sovereign CryptoTrust

Plan B is equal to personal sovereignty and freedom in our ability to freely transact and interact with any person or party privately and anonymously.

Plan B

AKA: Plan-B: an alternative plan of action for use if the original plan should fail

Plan B means different things to different people. At Altcoin Investor, Plan B equates to personal sovereignty and freedom in your ability to store wealth and transact freely with any party - privately and anonymously.

In the past, Swiss Bank accounts were often associated with a Plan B, offering their clients privacy and anonymity. Today something exists that is far superior.

Say Goodbye to the "Swiss bank account"

Within our lexicon, a Swiss bank account is still synonymous with privacy, anonymity, and the offshore store of wealth. Although interest in Swiss Bank accounts has declined in recent years, they don't provide the high degree of privacy or secrecy most people believe they do even though they are still popularised by many movie and spy genres.

For example, clients of Swiss bank accounts need to provide identification when opening an account and need to verify their identity when making withdrawals.

Nonetheless, blockchain technology offers a much better solution.  

Hello 'Swiss Bank' in Your Pocket

The hardware wallets that exist today are in many regards far superior to the Swiss bank account and rather more comparable to a Swiss Bank. These hardware wallets allow users the ability to buy, sell, hold, and trade potentially thousands of different cryptocurrencies.

All are contained within one palm-sized device that can be accessed from anywhere in the world; 24/7.

Unlike a Bank, hardware wallets offer full custodial control over your funds. Hardware wallets give the user the ability to transact with anyone, anywhere in the world almost instantaneously. These transactions can be completely anonymized (private coins) and there are no restrictions on who, when, or how much can be transacted.

Unlike a Bank, hardware wallets don't have operating hours. These devices are available and ready to use 24/7. The only requirement is an internet connection. Unlike a Bank, there are no bank hours or lineups.

Unlike a Bank, transactions are almost instantaneous. It doesn't matter if you are sending money to your neighbor or across the world. Transactions happen almost instantaneously.

Unlike a Bank, there are no barriers to entry and anyone can create their own wallet. Everyone has access to a cryptocurrency wallet whether they have an ID or not.

This is because cryptocurrencies are secured mathematically, that is through the use of a cipher and a Private Key. A private key is the only identification required and it can be as simple as a sequence of 24 words that can be written down or easily memorized. It's for this same reason private keys need to remain private.

Private Key (24 words)

The 'Sovereign CryptoTrust' (Plan B):

The Sovereign CryptoTrust is an idea borne out of ancient trust law. Trusts have been used since Roman times and hardware wallets offer a unique approach for the divesting of custody and control of a portfolio of assets stored within a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets currently offer the unique ability to store, buy, and sell thousands of cryptocurrencies on a single private key within the device.

As smart contracts and AI trading continue to evolve, it's very likely fully AI managed portfolio trading will soon be available on these platforms including more complex "trust" administration managed through smart contracts.

Why 'Sovereign'?

The origins of digital money can be traced back to the Cypherpunk movement in the 1990s. This libertarian and anti-capitalistic group believed that in the ideal society, government involvement and interaction should be left to a minimum. They held the belief that strong online privacy and strong cryptography led to an improvement in how people interact with each other.

We are now living in a time where cryptocurrency has the ability to reshape how we interact with the world and the people in it. It's the first time in history mankind has been given the power to create its own currency and it is redefining the definition of "money".

Within all this change, it's important to remember the roots of cryptocurrency are from the foundational beliefs in individualism, freedom of choice, voluntary association, and personal sovereignty.

How much is Your 'Plan B' worth (in 5 years)?

Cryptocurrencies have the unique ability to grow exponentially large in a short period of time as recent history has shown us. And let us not forget, Bitcoin is only 14 years old.

Bitcoin has gone from under a penny to over $20,000. As we have watched the rise and fall and rise again of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market, what is very clear is this market is going to continue to grow and evolve.

Either way, cryptocurrency is here to say - Are you in?