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The biggest opportunities in the cryptocurrency market are those being created daily by small-cap alts.

Ready to invest in your future?

Whether you are enticed by the idea of building your Cryptocurrency Empire or simply looking for a value-based approach to cryptocurrency investing, there is no better time to start your journey in this digital oasis than today.

Our Investing Strategy & Approach

There are many ways to approach cryptocurrency investing. The approach we take at Altcoin Investor is to focus on low-cap high ROI projects. These are typically projects that can be found within the small, micro and nano capitalization levels.

Investing Strategy & Approach

Within the micro and nano levels of capitalization, we look for projects which have the potential to be ranked within the Top 25 cryptos -  In which case, the investment would provide anywhere between 100x-1,000x return.

Our investing approach is simple. Buy low, hold and then sell once the price has matured. This can be anywhere within a few months to a year or more. We don't complicate investing or bother with derivates or day trading.

Play to Earn Gaming will make you millions

The Play-to-Earn Revolution:

Our current focus is researching and identifying Play-to-Earn gaming projects (including NFTs) as well as the platforms and ecosystems that support them.

We feel this niche gaming market offers the greatest growth potential for ourselves and our investors. With over 3.24 billion online gamers and Play-to-Earn gaming offering these gamers an opportunity to play and potentially earn significant income, this niche gaming sector has massive growth potential.

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