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If you are enticed by the idea of building your Cryptocurrency Empire or simply looking for a value-based approach to cryptocurrency investing, there is no better time to start your journey in this digital oasis than today.

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets have just entered their teen years (13 years old) and this is still a very young market with tremendous growth potential. During this short period of time, Bitcoin has become the best-performing asset of all time, despite its highly volatile nature.

The greatest wealth in this market has been made by identifying the market cycles and investing at the right time. The cryptocurrency market cycles have typically lasted about four years and for those looking to make life-changing wealth in this market, you need to be well aware of the current market cycle.

It's a Highly Volatile yet Cyclical Market

The cryptocurrency markets have made many investors life-changing wealth. These markets have also resulted in a lot of loss for investors too.

If we look back on Bitcoin, in early 2017 it was trading at less than $800. By the end of the year, it was nearly $20,000.

The next year, Bitcoin was down to $3,750, and in June of 2020, it was trading at around $10,000.

In early November of 2021, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high of nearly $70,000.

Then seven months later, in June 2022 - Bitcoin was trading at around $20,000.

The moral of the story is, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market (at large) are both highly volatile and cyclical. If you know which phase of the cycle the market is in and buy near the bottom, life-changing wealth could be less than a year away. Buying in during the wrong end of the cycle could result in disaster.  This is where Altcoin Investor and the information we provide to our subscribers come in.

How Can You Benefit from Altcoin Investor?

How can ordinary investors like you get in on some of the world's more profitable cryptocurrency projects? What you need—what we all need—is a trusted source to guide and navigate us through the cryptocurrency landscape and to the most rewarding opportunities.

That's where Richard Knight and Altcoin Investor come in.

As editor of Altcoin Investor, Richard aims to educate, inform and help investors get started investing in crypto assets (including NFTs). Together with the Altcoin Investor team, he will guide you to the strongest and safest crypto plays in the market.

Even if you're completely new to this space, Richard will make it easy by showing you—step–by–step—how to understand the risks and allocate the right mix of cryptocurrency assets in your portfolio.

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The email course is free and offered to all new subscribers to the site to help navigate the continually changing landscape of the cryptocurrency markets.

What is included in this free email course?

For those new to the scene or veterans, we cover the most important topics every cryptocurrency investor should be aware of before investing.

  • Getting Started - What you need to know
  • How to know what market you are in - Bull or Bear
  • How to evaluate a cryptocurrency
  • When to buy - Introduction to Technical Analysis

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There is no easier or cheaper way to learn about these highly–profitable investments.

With the trusted guidance of Richard and the Altcoin Investor team, you'll be able to navigate this exciting new market knowledgeably and profitably.

Investing in the cryptocurrency market can offer extraordinary rewards and it's also perilous. To help avoid mistakes and support a profitable experience, we have put together an introductory email course for our new subscribers.

We offer membership monthly and yearly. If you signup for the yearly plan, you'll save 32% on your membership.

Our Investing Strategy & Approach

There are many ways to approach cryptocurrency investing. The approach we take at Altcoin Investor is to focus on low-cap high ROI projects. These are typically projects that can be found within the small, micro and nano capitalization levels.

Investing Strategy & Approach

Within the micro and nano levels of capitalization, we look for projects which have the potential to be ranked within the Top 25 cryptos -  In which case, the investment would provide anywhere between 100x-1,000x return.

Our investing approach is simple. Buy low, hold and then sell once the price has matured. This can be anywhere from a few months to a year or more. We don't complicate investing or bother with derivates or day trading. It's necessary to note, that this strategy and approach functions well in bull markets. During bear markets, we utilize a much more conservative approach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Altcoin Investor?

Altcoin Investor is an investment research firm with an aim to educate its subscribers on the risks and opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

I'm a beginner, should I subscribe to Altcoin Investor?

Altcoin Investor can be useful for crypto investors at all levels of experience. Our Newsletter (free) offers valuation insights and knowledge about the market as well as upcoming opportunities. 

Our paid membership offers our VIP members access to our monthly Crypto Picks as well as more detailed market research.

Altcoin Investor gives you the tools you need to avoid costly mistakes while identifying top-performing early-stage projects.

How often does Altcoin Investor send its Altcoin Picks?

For paid memberships, we typically send out 1-2 Altcoin picks per month. However, this depends on the cycle the market is on. During extreme bear markets, the monthly Altcoin Pick may be halted to help safeguard our investors and resume under more preferable market conditions.

In addition to our monthly Altcoin Picks, we also regularly release educational material and market analysis specifically for our paid members.

Can I pay for my subscription in cryptocurrency?

Unfortunately, at the moment we only accept fiat currency due to the payment provider we use (Stripe). We are looking into integration options that will make paying by crypto available in the near future.

Is Altcoin Investor a fund or investment advisor?

No, Altcoin Investor is not an investment fund or a registered investment advisor. Our purpose is solely an information and research product. It is ultimately up to you to conduct your own due diligence and assess our recommendations yourself.

How much should I invest?

Given the 10x potential of each one of our picks, our members can invest as little as $500 to $1000 each month and still make outstanding returns.

In fact, we recommend that members invest small amounts that they’re not afraid to lose. Our methodology expects half of our picks to lose money while the other half make extraordinary gains.

To make our strategy work, it is necessary to consistently make small bets over a period of a year or more.

How do I Login?

To log in, you need to first sign in with your email address. A link with be sent to your email address which will give you access to the website (for security reasons, the link is only valid for 24 hours).