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The Truth Behind +1,000x Crypto Gains

The secret to making +1,000x gains nobody is talking about…

The Truth Behind +1,000x Crypto Gains |

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Just recently we have seen Bitcoin hit an all-time high, nearing $70,000. On the face of it, $70k for one Bitcoin is a big chunk of cash. However, as an investor, even if Bitcoin were to increase to $140,000 you would have only 2x your investment. Doesn’t sound so impressive now does it?

To invest in Bitcoin at today’s price and hope for a 1,000x return on your investment is an impossibility. Likewise, with Ethereum, it’s highly probable Ethereum will reach $10,000 in the near term. However, you are still only looking at about a 2x return on your investment at today's price. Again, not very impressive, considering this article is about +1,000x gains.

The point is, if you are looking for that life-changing investment in cryptocurrency, a +1,000x return on your investment isn’t going to be found sitting on the top 100 cryptocurrencies. It’s not even going to be found within the top 1,000 cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization).

To find those rare gems that offer the 1,000x, you need to start your search in the micro and nano-cap market. If you dig a little deeper, you may soon come to realize to be able to find those +1,000x investments, you need to buy in pretty much at the bottom, which for most projects is right when they launch.

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The illusion of big numbers

Many cryptocurrency pundits and promoters will push projects claiming 20x or 100x returns. However, before you jump in, take a look at how realistic these claims are. If you run the numbers, you’ll likely find that most of these claims are highly unrealistic.

The upper and lower limits for the cryptocurrency market have already been defined. Within the mega-capitalization (>200 billion), we have Bitcoin and Ethereum, taking up the majority of the cryptocurrency market share.

The remaining bulk of the market capitalization is taken up by large-cap projects ($10B-$200B). These are typically the top 20 ranked cryptocurrencies (excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum of course).

So, if you do the math on 20x or 100x return on your investment and its market capitalization doesn’t reasonably fit into these already predefined levels, then it's highly likely those profit estimates are grossly overstated.

For Example…

You’ve likely heard many people speculate about SHIBA getting to $0.05, however, it's also almost an impossibility. To do so would require the market capitalization to increase almost 1,000 times, putting it at a market cap higher than Bitcoin — which is very unlikely.

However, SHIBA does offer a good example of a project that did offer their early investors +1,000x gains - if you bought in early enough.

If you would have bought Shiba Inu on October 1st of this year when the price was $0.00000729 (about a month ago) and sold at today’s price ($0.00005146) you would have made ~600% or 6x your investment. Not bad.

Yet, the real secret to those 1,000x gains is buying in much sooner and in the case of Shiba Inu, this is buying in eight months earlier

NOTE: Charts don’t clearly illustrate the benefit of buying in early, as it's overshadowed by future gains. Math to better illustrate, this point.

If you were to buy in on April 8th, at $0.00000007, and sold at today’s price ($0.00005146), your return on investment would look a lot different. You would have made 73,414% or +700x on the investment. Much better.

To achieve a +1,000x investment in Shiba Inu, you would have had to buy at this price and sell near the top ($0.00008), which would have netted a cool 114,185% or +1,000x.

While this type of profit is not common, it’s not impossible. I wrote earlier about an investor who did just this and turned $8,000 of Shiba into $5.7 billion in less than a year.

Initial Dex Offerings (IDO) |

The Secret is…IDOs

Not that long ago, the only method to buy in early was through an initial coin offering — ICO (cryptocurrency’s version of an IPO). In the past, these investments were only available to angel investors or a private group of investors. For the rest of us, likely the first and only opportunity to buy into these new projects was when the project was first listed on an exchange.

Today, the situation is much different.

ICO’s have been to a large extent replaced by IDOs — Initial Dex Offerings.

An IDO is a new type of decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, which now offers investors the opportunity to buy in at the first stages of a project. Within IDOs we have IFOs, Initial Farm Offerings where new projects are listed on platforms like Pancakeswap; likely the most popular DEX.

The secret to finding that gem and making +1,000 gains is on DEXs, where the project is first listed and long before it is listed on any major cryptocurrency exchange.

So, if you are looking for that life-changing +1,000x gem, it likely won’t be found anywhere other than a DEX, and the most likely DEX platform you will find it on will be Pancakeswap.