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Each month we examine the cryptocurrency landscape for the next big cryptocurrency project and through this process, we research numerous projects we believe are well positioned to perform well in both the short-term and medium to long-term and select the best candidate based on our methodology, which becomes our Altcoin pick for the month. Our Altcoin Picks take into consideration the current market cycle.

The Current Market Cycle - Accumulation Phase

Our Altcoin picks take into consideration the current market cycle, which is currently assessed as the 'accumulation phase'. During this phase, it's an opportunity for investors to accumulate their crypto asset holdings, in preparation for the upcoming bull market.

We don't anticipate the market to shift to a bull market until at least six months before the Bitcoin Halving event (November 2023). The Bitcoin halving is scheduled to occur on April 7th, 2024.

The bull market is anticipated to continue for almost a full year after the Bitcoin halving event. This is based on all prior Bitcoin halving events which have historically been seen as the trigger for each and every crypto bull market (4-year market cycle).

How We Choose Our Altcoin Picks (Re: Market Cycle)

While it is possible to make significant profits during the accumulation phase of the market, the greatest wealth made in the crypto space is during the bull market - which is our focus.

During the run-up to the upcoming bull market, we take a rather conservative approach to our Altcoin picks to help preserve our investor's wealth with a focus on accumulating high-quality, undervalued crypto assets within the large to mid-market capitalization levels.

During the bull market, our focus switches to higher-risk, low-cap altcoins with 10x-100x potential. It's only during a full bull market that 10x-100x investments are realistically possible.

Best Suited for Longer-Term Investors

Our monthly Altcoin picks are best suited for investors who are interested in holding cryptocurrency investments for the longer term, which can be anywhere from a few months to more than a year, depending on the current market cycle.

While we do take into consideration short-term growth potential and expect this project will perform well in the short term, the greatest appreciation of value is anticipated to take place over the longer term (especially during the runup in a bull market).