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Are Crash-Style Casino Games Suited to Cryptocurrency Investors?

what do Crash-Style casino have in common with crypto investing and how do they differ?

Are Crash-Style Casino Games Suited to Cryptocurrency Investors? |

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The emergence of crash-style games has been one of the most intriguing trends in the casino industry in recent years. These fast, simple games seem as though they could be ideal for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies, so what do they have in common with crypto investing and how do they differ?

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Part of a Growing Selection of Gambling Games

The first thing to understand about crash-style betting games is that they’re part of the varied range of titles now found in online casinos. This article from Betfair points this out by saying that players can discover our selection of casino guides to find out more. They have sections covering different types of themed slots, from Irish adventures to fishing expeditions and others based on horse racing. Blackjack and roulette are also mentioned, with information on details such as side bets and strategies.

As the online casino market has grown, crash-style games have been introduced to give an alternative way of betting. These are instant games where an object like a plane or a blimp-type airship such as a zeppelin rises as it moves across the screen. Players place a bet and watch as the win multiplier climbs while the craft moves. They need to decide when to cash out. Doing so at the right time gives a profit but waiting too long means losing out if the craft crashes or leaves the screen before they cash out.        

Crash Games Mimic the Fast-Moving, Volatile Market

Games like Spaceman and Big Bass Crash offer varied themes in the crash market. Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play shows how the market is evolving. This game is based on similar gameplay to other crash games but in this case, it follows the theme of the Big Bass range of slots by featuring a fishing boat that collects fish as it sails across the screen. The game ends when the net breaks and floats away.

Regardless of the themes used, one of the first aspects of these games to stand out is the similarity they have with investing in a fast-moving market. It’s all about watching the price move and deciding whether to sell or hold. However, the similarities with cryptos end there, as you’re simply placing a wager rather than investing in a product.     


Live Presenters Add the Human Touch

Live crash games have added a new aspect to the genre by showing a human presenter who narrates the action and chats with players. Cash or Crash Live by Evolution is set aboard a blimp with a suitably dressed presenter live-streamed on the screen.

Stock Market Live by Evolution is arguably the crash game most similar to the ways the crypto market works. In this case, players bet on whether they think the market will rise or fall. They then watch as the chart moves across the screen showing the current profit or loss amount and can change their prediction of a rise or fall before the round ends. The rapidly changing price charts may remind you of the way that Bitcoin has gained a reputation for being highly volatile.

This new generation of casino games provides a way of playing that may suit anyone used to the crypto market as it’s a fast-moving way of playing that’s all about making the right decision at the right time.