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Crypto casinos exploding during BTC bull run

Let's take a closer look at what this BTC bull run means for crypto gamers.

Crypto casinos exploding during BTC bull run |

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The current bull run means cryptocurrency prices are on the rise. More investors are buying, which means that confidence in the market is high. As such, many new crypto casinos are exploding onto the gaming scene to offer crypto players more choice. Not only that, but they're offering up new altcoins in presales to make themselves even more attractive. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at what this means for crypto gamers.

New casino coins and tokens

While not a new crypto casino, Mega Dice is once again taking the crypto casino world by storm. This Telegram casino was the first of its kind a year ago and is once again offering innovative features to boost its online presence.

With the bull run in full swing, investors are looking at DICE, the token from Mega Dice. This token has a hard supply cap of 420 million with just over a third of this available on the presale. They're at a fixed price point too, which is the cheapest anyone can get them for at $0.69 per token. Additionally, 10% of this is ready for staking rewards, so there's passive income to be gained here too.

Coming from an established brand, and with the promise of high growth thanks to the ongoing bull run, DICE purchasing is on the rise. Not only that, but it's good for Mega Dice too, encouraging player loyalty, and the potential to earn rewards, competition access, and more. There's even a buyback program to reduce supply and potentially pump the value higher subsequently improving the status of Mega Dice in the industry.

Huge crypto bonuses in the bull run

Not only are older, more established crypto casinos cashing in on the bull run, but new casinos such as Betiro are doing so too. Betiro has a wealth of games available, but what makes it stand out in this bull run is the 200% match deposit up to 10,000 USDT bonus offer as the welcome bonus. There are other bonuses available as well to encourage players to sign up and play.

Not only that, but Betiro is also home to 10+ cryptocurrencies. With the market on the rise, this does mean that players can choose the cryptocurrency of their choice. Players can hope to gain even more from their betting with crypto if the market rises, meaning their winnings will be worth more than when they placed the bet in the first place.

Another reason for these casinos being so popular during the bull run is also due to the range of different features available. This includes the ability to sign up for these casinos without having to verify an account. Players do not have to go through KYC protocols, meaning they can stay more anonymous when playing online. Using cryptocurrencies also helps with this, as players can simply link their crypto wallets to make payments.

Further to that, cryptocurrencies offer players a secure, speedy transaction process. Transactions of all types can occur instantly, a popular feature particularly when it comes to payouts and withdrawals. Larger payouts are also possible when using cryptocurrencies.

Casinos like Betiro also make it easy for players to purchase crypto directly through their sites. Players can choose which currencies to buy. Picking ones that are on the rise means they could potentially make more on their investment that way as well.

As such, with the crypto bull run well and truly underway, it's hardly surprising to find more crypto casinos making their mark on the gaming industry. It's a great time for crypto users to play at online casinos.