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6 Best Crypto Credit Cards

best crypto credit cards

Crypto credit cards are increasingly becoming popular, especially now with their generous rewards systems. Crypto credit cards are an easy and simple method to use your cryptocurrency assets to buy almost anything - and it's just like using a regular credit card.

Also, if you are able to choose the right card with the best rewards, the benefits can be excellent.

Here is a detailed look at the best crypto credit cards for 2023.

In this Guide:

The Best Crypto Credit Cards:

What is a Crypto Credit Card?

Crypto credit cards are very similar to regular credit cards with the big difference is they can also be funded using cryptocurrencies, instead of just regular fiat money.

A crypto credit or debit card allows the user to make crypto or fiat transactions (or both). Also, another major advantage of crypto credit cards is that they often offer much better rewards than traditional credit cards.

The crypto credit card market has been around for more than five years but it has only been in recent years that the use and popularity of crypto credit cards have taken off.

Why use a crypto credit card?

Many of the reasons for using a crypto credit are similar to using a regular credit card, but with additional benefits.

  • Ease of Use: Make everyday purchases for food and goods using cryptocurrency.
  • Convert Crypto Easily: No longer need to worry about exchanges and transferring fiat into your bank account to use your crypto.
  • Better Rewards: Many crypto credit cards offer much better rewards than traditional credit cards
  • Low to No Fees: Many crypto credit cards are either no fees or little fees.

Disadvantages of crypto credit cards

One of the biggest disadvantages of crypto credit cards is based on the high-volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. However, this can be mitigated by using stablecoins.

Also, some crypto credit cards have rewards based on ther types of coins which you hold. If the coins are in a downtrend, then the rewards don't justify the investment in the coins or tokens.

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What are the best crypto credit cards?

Here is a list of the top 6 best crypto credit cards:

The Best Crypto Credit Cards:

1- BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

BlockFi is one of the first providers of crypto credit cards and they also offer many exciting rewards.


  • No annual fee or foreign transaction fee
  • Reward: 3.5% in BTC on every purchase in the first 90 days (after signup)
  • Rewards can be redeemed monthly


Anyone with a good credit score can apply. They also offer pre-approved credit cards (no credit check required).


While BlockFi was one of the first companies to offer crypto credit cards, they don't offer the best rewards when compared to the many other crypto credit card providers.

2- Gemini Crypto Credit Card

Gemini is a crypto credit card that offers rewards on all purchases, making it a unique value proposition.


  • Upto 3% back on purchases
  • Rewards can be redeemed in a wide range of coins
  • No annual fee or foreign currency exchange fee
  • Rewards are deposited in real-time


Only U.S. residents with excellent credit scores can apply.


To date, Gemini has held a good reputation within the industry and its rewards program is an enticing offer. Unfortunately, this offer is only available to U.S. residents with an excellent credit history.

3- Coinbase Card

Backed by the popular crypto exchange, Coinbase, they have also launched their own crypto credit card. This Visa / Debit card offers users the ability to make payments with their crypto assets and earn rewards in the process.


  • No annual fee or foreign exchange transaction fee
  • Upto 4% back on purchases
  • Option to freeze the card using the mobile app


The Coinbase Card is currently available only in the U.S. It is anticipated that the Coinase Card will be available to all jurisdictions where Coinbase accounts can be created.


Coinbase is one of the world's most popular exchanges and has now come out with its own crypto credit card, making it easier for its users to spend their crypto on regular day-to-day purchases.

4- Nexo Card

The Nexo Card is unique in that it is one of the very few crypto credit cards which offers credit backed by crypto (rather than fiat). This feature helps users unlock the value of their digital assets while still being able to hold them.


  • No annual fee or foreign exchange transaction fee
  • Upto 2% back on purchases
  • Option to spend while holding your crypto
  • Payments can be made in local currencies
  • Upto 55 different cryptocurrencies supported


Nexo offers credit cards in over 22 different countries around the world, including Canada, the USA, Europe and other parts of the world.


Nexo is likely one of the best crypto credit cards for those looking for the greatest options when it comes to making purchases with your credit card.

5- Visa Credit Card

The Visa card by offers many options for crypto top-ups or fiat with an impressive rewards system.


  • No annual fee or foreign exchange transaction fee
  • Upto 8% back on spending
  • Offers Crypto Staking
  • Upto 55 different cryptocurrencies supported

Eligibility: offers credit cards in many different jurisdictions, including Canada, the USA, Europe and other parts of the world. There is a minimin staking requirement of CRO tokens for a minimum of 180 days.


It's important to mention that the credit card is pre-paid. Users are required to load their crypto assets first before they can use the card. They also offer the unique benefit of being able to stake your tokens on their platform.

6- Brex Card

What makes Brex different is that this company specialized in corporate credit cards. Also, worthy of note, the rewards can also be exchanged for crypto.


  • No annual fee or foreign exchange transaction fee
  • Rewards are redeemable in ETH and BTC
  • Much higher credit limits offered (Corporate)


This offering is specifically for businesses and corporations.


Brex is an excellent option for start-ups and crypto-based companies.