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Is It Time to Swap ZEC for BTC?

Is it profitable to exchange ZEC for BTC now? Let's look at the forecast prices of these currencies and decide on the exchange platform.

Swap ZEC for BTC

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Should You Convert ZEC to BTC?

Anonymity or privacy-focused altcoins boost user security and offer extra protection from somebody unwanted learning the crypto transaction info. On the other hand, these payment gateways are often criticized for servicing illegal transfers. Does that mean you should get rid of privacy coins like Zcash?

Our guide will tell you everything about converting ZEC to BTC, including price forecasts and the best exchange platforms for the trade. Here’s our input on whether swapping Zcash for Bitcoin is a good idea.

What is ZEC - Zcash | Altcoin Investor

What Is ZEC?

Zcash is a payment service that offers anonymous and decentralized transfers. It launched in 2016 as a Bitcoin fork, with more focus on user privacy and security. The network is built using Bitcoin’s codebase, ensuring efficient crypto transactions. Zcash protects investors’ personal info by obfuscating it, making it an anonymity-focused altcoin.

The network features so-called Z-to-Z transfers. These publicly store information about the transaction and fees on the chain but encrypt transaction amounts, addresses, and memos. Zk-Snarks is a zero-knowledge proof that allows users to prove they have certain info without revealing it.  

Zcash also uses the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism and enables mining via the Equihash algorithm. The network also features ZEC halving to increase token’s scarcity. Zcash has a rich ecosystem with different projects like YWallet and the software suite Bitquery.

What is Bitcoin | Altcoin Investor

What Is BTC?

Bitcoin is a decentralized payment service with BTC as its native currency. All payments occur and are recorded on a blockchain, which is a publicly distributed ledger. Network nodes use cryptography to verify the transactions — Bitcoin uses the Proof-of-Work mechanism. Users can mine Bitcoins to pursue rewards that occur when successfully mining a new block.

Halving is an important event that happens occasionally, and its point is to make Bitcoin scarcer. Due to its large value and considerable popularity in the crypto market, many refer to BTC as digital gold. The network offers a decent level of security, and it’s not regulated by a central authority. However, Bitcoin is not as secure and privacy-oriented as Zcash.

ZEC vs. BTC Price Prediction

Zcash is now worth around $27, and its market cap is $450 million, putting it outside of the top 70 ranked currencies in the crypto industry. Most forecasters don’t expect ZEC value to change too much in 2023, although optimistic pundits believe it could increase to $36.76 or even $58.55. In 2024, this coin could be worth anywhere from $48.18 to almost $75.

The long-term forecast is also encouraging and estimates ZEC to be worth at least $126.01 in 2028. Optimistic experts even claim the token could go beyond $200. In 2030, ZEC might have a value anywhere from $219 to $429.42.

Bitcoin is now worth over $27,000 after progressing significantly in the last 12 months. It’s still a crypto token with the largest market cap, currently set at $530 billion. BTC has the potential for a value boost in 2023, as its worth could reach $32,514 or even $39,000. As for 2024, cautious forecasts put Bitcoin around $30,000, while optimistic ones indicate it could exceed $40,000.

BTC’s value in 2028 could reach $71,014, which would break the token’s all-time high. Some pundits even believe that it could break the magic mark of $100,000 in 2028, while others believe Bitcoin might even exceed $200,000 in 2030.

Top Crypto Platforms for ZEC to BTC Exchange

Top 4 Platforms for ZEC to BTC Exchange

Check out the following reliable exchanges to swap Zcash for Bitcoin:

  1. StealthEX: Stands out as a user-friendly option for exchanging ZEC to BTC, boasting a vast selection of over 1400+ coins and tokens. With no registration required, it simplifies cryptocurrency swaps, making it a convenient choice for all users.
  2. Godex: Once you visit Godex, you’ll quickly realize the secret lies in simplicity. The friendly interface and no registration requirements make crypto trades fast and easy. The rates are locked for 30 minutes to protect your earnings, and not only can you convert ZEC to BTC but also trade over 300 other coins.
  3. Binance: The leading crypto exchange has over 150 million registered users. Apart from trading hundreds of coins, you can access comprehensive learning resources and try other financial services like spot and margin trading.
  4. SimpleSwap: This decentralized exchange supports no less than 900 cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t require signing up, although you get some incentives for registering. SimpleSwap also supports buying crypto with fiat currencies.

Once you decide on the type of trading you’re leaning toward, it should be easy for you to choose a platform.

Make a Profit from ZEC to BTC Swap

Zcash is strong in the privacy-focused currency world, but we are looking at crypto overall; there’s no token that matches Bitcoin. That’s why acquiring BTC is always a smart move, especially since the years to come are likely to be positive for this network. As Bitcoin use continues spreading, the coin will only gain value, so acquiring BTC now is a way to make a profit.