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Top Trending Cryptos on DexTools

Top trending cryptos on DexTools are Guise ($GUISE), Xccelerate (XLRT) and Back to 2017 ($BT2017).


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What is DexTools?

DEXtools is a specialized price data analytics tool tailored for crypto traders. It offers real-time price tracking for tokens, community-based token rankings, and in-depth tokenomics insights.

The platform stands out for its near-perfect accuracy in reflecting live prices, helping traders make timely decisions and users can also view detailed transaction histories for specific tokens, including buy and sell orders.

DexTools is a very popular platform supporting decentralized exchanges. DEXtools currently analyzes Ethereum-based DEXs like Uniswap and Sushi Tools and has expanded to the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon mainnet.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today

Guise ($GUISE)

The cryptocurrency Guise ($GUISE) experienced a remarkable surge since its introduction on Monday, recording a 33,000% increase within a day, according to DEXTools data.

This growth is accompanied by a 24-hour trading volume of approximately $1.9 million. Currently, $GUISE boasts a market capitalization of about $1.75 million and has gained over 600 investors.

Although $GUISE has locked liquidity of $200,000 for half a year, minimizing rug pull risks, certain elements of its contract do raise concerns..

DEXTools' assessment indicates a 5% purchase fee and a 4.99% sales fee, along with anti-whale and trading cooldown features. Traders are advised to approach this coin with caution and conduct thorough research.

Xccelerate (XLRT)

Another cryptocurrency, Xccelerate (XLRT), has also witnessed a significant 8,250% growth within the past day, as reported by DEXTools.

Its market capitalization has reached over $1.1 million, attracting more than 850 investors. The 24-hour trading volume stands at a notable $3.36 million. Additionally, the coin has a liquidity of $230,000, which, according to DEXTools, isn't secured. The GoPlus security review highlights an anti-whale feature as the sole potential concern regarding the token's contract.

Back to 2017 ($BT2017)

Promoting itself as a nostalgic trip to 2017's early crypto-buying days, Back to 2017 ($BT2017) experienced a surge post its recent launch.

At its peak, the market capitalization reached over $200,000, but it has since declined to just under $100,000.

Since its inception, the token has attracted nearly 50 investors and recorded over $200,000 in trading volumes.

It also has liquidity of more than $130,000, which isn't secured. While DexTools Analysis didn't find any immediate red flags in the token's contract, investors are reminded to always conduct their own research.