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The Biggest Bitcoin Winners Ever

Cryptocurrencies have started to become popular with online bettors because they have a reputation for offering secure financial transactions.

Biggest Bitcoin Winners |

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Although Bitcoin has been around for many years, there are some industries that accept it more than others. One such industry is the casino and sports betting industry. There are now an increasing number of sites that are accepting cryptos - and there are even a number that are crypto only. Whether playing slot games or live betting on your favourite sports, you can do so with your crypto wallet.

While there are some individuals who like to bet purely for a bit of fun, there are plenty of others who go out of their way to try and maximize their winnings - especially when betting with crypto. It's incredible to see exactly how popular crypto betting is becoming, and there are already a number of lucky punters who have already amassed pretty decent earnings.

All across the world, crypto betting has established quite a dedicated following. Although there are still many players who haven’t yet experienced the thrills and spills of crypto betting, there are a few who have experienced some huge payouts. So, with that being said, let's take a look at some of the most impressive Bitcoin online gambling wins.

A $31 Bet Wins $75,000

Cryptocurrencies have started to become popular with online bettors because they have a reputation for offering secure financial transactions. However, beyond safety, they offer the flexibility for users to place both incredibly small and huge bets - and can give you access to a huge range of gaming titles that you won’t find at traditional casinos.

One individual decided to put it to the test. With an interest in casino games - slot games in particular, the player decided to have a spin on "Book of Aztec" by Amatic, a popular game from a trusted gaming provider.

The great news for this player was that their chosen casino allowed its users to place their bets in cryptocurrencies. Deciding to give it a go, the player staked 0.008 BTC, which was the equivalent of $31 at that time. Lady Luck seemed to be on the gambler’s side - and after a lucky spin or two, the game paid out big - a total win of 1.93 BTC, which was worth around $75,000 at that moment.

While this particular win was in the world of casino gaming,  sports betting with cryptocurrencies is also becoming increasingly popular. However, whether you’re thinking about betting on the Grand National - or putting your BTC on Liverpool winning the Premier League,  make sure you know how it works first.

Wins Worth $1.3M in BTC

This event was over a decade ago now… and it’s fair to say that betting with crypto back then wasn’t anywhere near as available as it is today. Nonetheless, it was still an option - and there was a punter called Nakowa who became famous for his crypto-betting exploits back then.

Indeed, according to sources, he was rather good at it too - and back then, he won a massive 11,000 BTC - which was worth around $1.3 million… which is a pretty massive payout even by today’s standards.

However, things don’t always go well, and despite his good fortune, he continued betting and, as the old saying goes, the house always wins in the end. He went on to lose most of his winnings… which is why sometimes it’s better to quit while you’re ahead!


As well as the above examples, there are no doubt many other players who have won big thanks to crypto sports betting and casino gaming. However, it's always important to understand that there are always risks involved - and for every lucky punter who wins big, there are plenty out there who have suffered a loss. 

It’s also important to remember when betting with crypto is the potential impact of cryptocurrency value fluctuations on your winnings. Cryptos are incredibly volatile - and this is like an extra gamble in itself -  as you could find yourself winning more - or less - than you thought. So, while crypto betting can pay out big, it’s always a gamble… so never bet more BTC than you are prepared to lose!