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Quality and Transparency: Assessing Bitmedia's Ad Inventory and Verification Process

At Bitmedia, advertisers can find a tailored advertising solution that ensures their message reaches a niche audience within their desired industries.


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Effective advertising is the key to reaching the right audience and driving business success in today's digital landscape. Bitmedia is a leading digital advertising network that caters to various industries, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, gaming, and betting.

At Bitmedia, advertisers can find a tailored advertising solution that ensures their message reaches a niche audience within their desired industries. The platform offers various ad formats, such as display banners, native advertisements, sticky ads, and pop-ups, empowering advertisers to market their products and services effectively.

Bitmedia uses advanced targeting capabilities, such as geolocation and device type, to guarantee advertisers reach their target audience. The platform also uses real-time analytics and analysis to enhance campaign effectiveness further, enabling advertisers to monitor and optimize their strategies for maximum impact.

Bitmedia has gained popularity among crypto firms due to its focused approach to the crypto, web3, and gaming industries. By providing relevant and efficient advertising options through their Marketplace, Bitmedia creates new avenues for businesses to thrive in these evolving sectors.

The platform's mission is to offer advertisers a transparent ad-buying process, ensuring they pay for impressions of genuine quality.

Bitmedia’s Verification Process

Bitmedia’s verification process ensures that there are only quality and authentic ads. To accomplish this, Bitmedia uses four levels of verification:

  • Runtime verification
  • Third-party traffic control
  • Post-verification of traffic
  • Manual moderation of impressions and clicks

The verification process filters out bots, hidden ad impressions, and paid traffic fraud, among others, and provides advertisers with only high-quality impressions. The network uses a dynamic software analysis approach to analyze programs as they are executed and observe the results of the program’s execution. Bitmedia's runtime verification ensures that the impressions provided to advertisers are of genuine quality and that they only pay for high-quality traffic. Once inappropriate impressions are detected, customers will be refunded. The advertising platform is notable for not compromising the standard of ad services it delivers to its customers.

Bitmedia for Advertisers

Bitmedia employs different ad formats to suit the needs of each brand. Here are some of the formats available.

Rich Media Ads

Bitmedia's rich media ads encompass digital advertisements like video, audio, or other advanced elements that enhance user interaction.

The platform’s media ads also offer more ways to engage the audience with an ad compared to text or display ads, where they can expand, float, and include multiple levels of content in one placement.

Adaptive Smart Banners

Adaptive smart banners are a feature of Bitmedia's media advertisements that can change and adapt depending on the viewer's device. This makes the ads more appealing and personalized to the users.

HTML5 Ad Feature

Bitmedia also offers HTML5 ads with sophisticated animations, interactive features, interesting videos, and eye-catching components to attract more traffic.

The Bitmedia HTML5 ads feature allows advertisers to create and launch HTML5 ads that are fully animated or include small parts that move or change colors. The platform uses advanced tools to get maximum results from ads.

Bitmedia uses an advanced ad engine in the industry to guarantee optimal ad results. The network ensures its crypto advertisements reach those likely to be interested in their products and services by connecting advertisers with publishers.

With transparency being one of Bitmedia’s core values, the network provides a secure and transparent way to monetize web traffic through revenue models like CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per mille or thousand). It allows publishers to set the cost per thousand impressions. It also finds the right ad content to publish and guarantees quick payouts.

The network allows advertisers to create more engaging and interactive ads to reach their target audience in the advertising space. It provides a flexible and cost-efficient avenue for advertisers to promote their products or services.

Bitmedia for Publishers

Bitmedia's publisher feature allows website owners to monetize their web traffic by displaying ads on the platform.

Traffic Revenue

This aspect of Bitmedia guarantees that Bitcoin ad publishers have access to the highest-paying commissions on the market.

The Bitmedia platform makes provision for swift monetization of web traffic for publishers. Crypto publishers can start earning on the platform within minutes of registration just by using the Bitmedia streamlined integration tools.

The payment process on Bitmedia puts users’ minds at ease, as they can access their earnings whenever they want and withdraw them to any Bitcoin address.

Bitmedia’s versatile ad formats make websites aesthetically pleasing while simultaneously publishing ads that convert well and generate traffic to users’ websites. Through this, publishers can generate multiple income streams.

Bitmedia Marketplace

Bitmedia is a professional cryptocurrency advertising network established in 2014 by a team of crypto enthusiasts and digital advertising and marketing experts. Since its inception, the platform has collaborated with over 5,000 active crypto publishers and advertisers globally. It is a full-service crypto marketing agency that has a far-reaching audience and produces measurable results. It is equipped with the tools, resources, and marketing strategies to competently take users’ marketing initiatives up a notch, regardless of how big or small the project is.

Bitmedia offers high-quality PR and content distribution services by pitching crypto businesses to their target audience. The platform generates business traffic through banner advertising and publishing its content on the best crypto websites worldwide.

It also leverages social media to connect businesses to their audience through influencer marketing. Businesses can advertise on social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. These mediums effectively communicate brand messages to the audience and boost their engagement. Overall, Bitmedia helps businesses serve their customers better.

Bitmedia Blog

For crypto enthusiasts, the blog is a section on the platform where they can keep abreast of the happenings in the crypto space. It has a section for announcements where users can find news on crypto companies making waves in the crypto market. It also has a case study section where readers can find in-depth information about various crypto organizations. The hacks and tips section of the blog provides readers with ideas on navigating the crypto market, especially during market declines. For fintech and startups, the blog provides practical marketing strategies for building and running a sustainable brand. It also has tips for gambling sites and how they can generate organic traffic for their brands. Overall, the blog covers various topics in the betting and crypto industries.


Over the years, Bitmedia has continued to excel in serving the cryptocurrency, gaming, and betting industries through its ad services. The network’s verification process ensures genuine and top-notch ad impressions that safeguard advertisers from fraud. They provide engaging ad formats and swift monetization options for website owners. With their expertise and transparency, Bitmedia helps businesses thrive through quality ads. The blog also keeps crypto enthusiasts informed and offers practical marketing tips. In a nutshell, Bitmedia is a reliable and valuable partner for digital advertising success.