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Collect Free Crypto

A list of crypto faucets that provide users the ability to earn "free" crypto.

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Some websites allow you to collect free crypto, with zero risk from your end, so you have 100% everything to gain and nothing to lose.

These sites are also known as “faucets”, and over the years there were many faucets that were opened and shut down. Even the most famous, the original had its sister site shut down in August 2019.

But some faucets were never shut down and they continuously keep on paying their members, all the time, on a 24/7 basis. These are 20 faucets they are currently running as of now, and they are all under the umbrella of – with over 200K followers on Twitter.

A pile of Bitcoin coins.
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Free Bitcoin

Their main BTC faucet, which was launched in June 2018, has paid over 919 Bitcoin in prizes to members so far, and they have lots of members using their site. The address of this Bitcoin Faucet is: allows you to collect Free BTC every hour or less. You can get paid 50% referral earnings for bringing friends into the site. It contains an Earn More section, and it is likely in the very near future they are going to have a Crash game available so you can play for free with your faucet coins.

A pile of Ethereum coins and diamond crystals
Photo by Kanchanara / Unsplash

Free Ethereum

There is another ETH faucet available on the same basis called:

In this site you can grab Free Ethereum every hour or less, by using promo codes, free rolls, referrals, and more! The benefit of having several faucets is not only claiming many cryptos but also expanding your Crypto portfolio – and it’s all for free.

How does it work?

So after you sign up for an account, you can roll numbers, between 0 and 10000, and if you roll 10000 you win the jackpot = $300. However, even if you don’t roll that jackpot you are guaranteed to win something. This “something” over the years sometimes has turned to be massive, as Cryptos worth a few pennies have turned to be worth several dollars over the years (for example with where 1 ADA was worth $0.03 and then over $3.00).

Here is a screenshot taken from showing how much you can win in one roll:

50% Referral Payouts

Remember you would get paid 50% of whatever your referrals roll. If they roll altogether $100 you would get $50 from it, so the more you refer the more you get without even having to do it yourself!

Promo Codes

As the screenshot also shows, there is an option to enter a promo code. As you can see one roll is giving you a certain prize. If you want to roll again – you have to wait 1 hour. What if you don’t want to wait 1 hour for it?

The solution is to use a promo code.

A promo code allows you to roll again without waiting 1 hour, some codes even give you several rolls, and some of the promos can even double/triple the payout on the lowest or all the prizes!

You can grab these codes from’s social media channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, Youtube and Instagram.

Earn More Crypto

You can also use the “Earn More” section in each faucet in order to grab more crypto. Simply visit the “Earn More” section and then use any of the available offers there in order to grab free crypto. Unlike traditional cashback sites, you get paid in crypto, which in turn, can be worth much more than a few dollars being paid out of a traditional cashback website.

Make sure you visit all the 20 sites!

You can grab free crypto from every single site. Even if you don’t use any code or any referrals or nothing from the Earn More section – just grabbing free crypto form 20 sites would ensure you would get some nice returns, and once again, it’s without any risk whatsoever, it’s 100% free hence the sites are called Free, e.g.,,, etc.

Every site lists all of the sites in the bottom, just scroll down to the bottom of each site, and click on the icon that you like in order to start grabbing from it.

The only single site that is non-Crypto related (directly) is that is offering free CSGO balance for you to play with CSGO. Steam is extremely popular, so definitely don’t miss out on this faucet either.

Good luck and enjoy your free crypto!