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💸 Crypto Cashflow: 10 Ways to Grow Your Crypto Empire

From Hodl to High Yield: Top 10 ways to grow your crypto assets.

💸 Crypto Cashflow: 10 Ways to Grow Your Crypto Empire |

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Whether you are new to crypto or have been in this space for a while it's always worthwhile to spend a little time researching different ways you can grow your cryptocurrency assets.

Here are 10 ways to start and grow your cryptocurrency holdings:

Buying and Holding (Hodling) |

Buying and Holding (Hodling)

This is the most straightforward and the most popular method. It is simply buying a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum and then holding on to it with the expectation that the value will increase over time.

This method reduces the risk of making poor decisions based on short-term market fluctuations and can lead to substantial gains as the market matures.

Our view is that Bitcoin should be a part of every cryptocurrency investor's portfolio and the strategy we adopt for Bitcoin is the "buy-and-hold" - The Hodl strategy.

Hodling Strategy (HODL) | Altcoin Investor
“Hodling,” is one of the simplest and most popular approaches to investing in cryptocurrency.


If you have heard of cryptocurrencies, then you are likely very familiar with the concept of trading cryptocurrencies. This is one of the more popular ways investors use to grow their crypto assets. Buying and selling cryptocurrency assets over many consecutive times is called trading.

There are 3 main types of trading within the cryptocurrency market you should be familiar with:

Day Trading

As the name suggests, day trading involves making trades during the day. These cryptocurrency investors, known as day traders, and try to capitalize on the short-term volatility of the crypto market. By taking advantage of small price movements that occur within the hours of the trading day, they look to turn a profit on a very quick turnaround.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is similar to day trading except the trades are held for more than a day. This strategy requires holding onto assets for a period of several days to several weeks to benefit from expected upward or downward shifts in market prices. Swing traders use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to predict these movements and time their trades accordingly, aiming to capture the gains from significant swings in market sentiment. Most cryptocurrency traders fall into this category.

AI Trading Bots

One of the biggest trends in the world right now is Artificial intelligence and AI is already taking over cryptocurrency trading. While it's still possible to trade manually, new technologies and trading bots are emerging that are far superior to manual trading.

In my view, day trading and swing trading have become obsolete, and while they may still work, its no competition to AI trading.

AI is much faster, more reliable, doesn't need to sleep, doesn't make emotional purchases, and has the potential to offer the investor much higher returns.

When it comes to cryptocurrency AI trading bots, there are many different types of bots to consider, from the typical trading bots, to copy-trading bots and more.

Crypto BOT Development : Arbitrage Bots | Crypto Trading Bots

AI trading is done by the use of trading bots. These bots can be fully automated and complete 100% of the trades on your behalf or they can be contained to specific parameters. The area of AI trading is growing by the day with many new products and AI trading bots.

If you would like to learn more about the best AI trading bots on the market, this article goes into detail about each one.

Top 6 AI Trading Bots for 2024 | Crypto Trading Bots
The best AI trading bots for 2024 include, HASS Online, Quadency, BotCrypto, Shrimpy, and Cryptohopper.


For many, Airdrops have provided the much-needed capital to start seriously investing in cryptocurrency. One of the most common complaints is people saying they don't have money to invest and airdrops are a great option for those who have time but not money.

Airdrops have become very lucrative in recent years with some individuals working full-time on obtaining airdrops and making significant income from their efforts and then using this money to fund their investing activities.

There are entire groups and initiatives of individuals looking for the next most lucrative airdrop. If you would like to know the latest airdrops, a good place to start is:

Crypto Airdrops List April 2024 » Find free airdrops & bounties!
lll➤ Searching for free crypto airdrops? Try! We aggregate the latest airdrops for April 2024. Exclusive ICO & DeFI airdrops. ✓ 100% free


Did you know you can get paid "interest" just for holding certain cryptocurrencies? This process is known as "staking" and it is where you "stake" your holdings in order to support network operations.

In the past staking used to be a complicated process, however today it can be done with the click of a button within your wallet software.

With one click of a button, I am able to stake my Solana holdings and earn 7.6% APY.

Exodus Wallet - Staking

Staking isn't going to make you rich or create life-changing wealth, but it can help to hedge against inflation and through the help of compounding interest, will contribute to growing your cryptocurrency empire.

Solana isn't the only blockchain to offer staking. There are several blockchain platforms that offer staking and these include and can be found in the Exodus wallet:

Staking from within the Exodus Desktop Wallet

It's important to choose the right wallet when deciding to stake cryptocurrencies. If you would like to know more about some of the best cryptocurrency wallets that include staking, check out this article.

Top 4 Crypto Wallets for Secure Storage: A Complete Guide
This guide will equip you with valuable insights to navigate the world of cryptocurrency wallets with confidence.


If you are serious about cryptocurrency investing, you'll likely want to participate in earning money from cryptocurrency mining. There are several ways to get involved, depending on your technical experience and appetite. Whether you are technical or not, there is an option for you.

Home Mining

If you are the kind of person who really likes to get into the code and learn really how mining works mining from home may be an option for you. This can be a hobby that pays you or some have even turned it into a full-time business, operating a mining facility. How big you go and where you take it is completely up to you.

Hosted Mining

An alternative option if you don't have the space at home is to rent rack space, which is also referred to as hosted mining. This is where a mining facility will host and run your machine for you in exchange for a small fee.

Cloud Mining

If you don't have the space at home or are not that technical there is cloud mining where you can either purchase mining power in exchange for a ROI or simply buy mining power to find specific coins. Purchasing cloud mining contracts is one passive income method to earn with cloud mining.

Fractional Mining Ownership (NFTs)

This is a newer approach where investors buy shares or a percentage of mining hardware. Companies offer fractional ownership in mining rigs, and investors receive a proportionate share of the mined cryptocurrency.

Yield Farming & Liquidity Mining

In the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, you can provide liquidity to a liquidity pool (a collection of funds locked in a smart contract) and earn fees from the underlying DeFi platform. This can be lucrative but also risky due to potential impermanent loss.

ICOs, IEOs, & IDOs

If you are looking to get into a project early on, you will want to look into ICOs IEOs, and IDOs. There are many abbreviations in cryptocurrency, so let's go through each of these to explain what they mean.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), and Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) are all different ways to explain how projects raise funds by issuing new tokens. These new tokens are the first offerings of the coin or token and often the best method to get into a project right in the beginning.

When you see investors telling you about +100x returns on their crypto investment, it's most often because they bought into the project very early on to take advantage of the greatest ROI.

🚀 100x Altcoins: Newly Minted Crypto +100x Potential
Use this strategy to find newly minted Cryptos with +100x potential.


This involves buying cryptocurrencies in one market and selling them in another where the prices are higher. Differences in liquidity and pricing between exchanges can present profitable opportunities.

While this can be done manually, today AI has completely taken over this field. If you are interested in using Artbitratge, you may want to look into the various different types of arbitrate AI trading bots on the market.

Top 6 AI Trading Bots for 2024 | Crypto Trading Bots
The best AI trading bots for 2024 include, HASS Online, Quadency, BotCrypto, Shrimpy, and Cryptohopper.

NFTs, Collectables & Virtual Real Estate

There is a massive movement taking place and it is called the tokenization of real-world assets. Real-world assets, such as cars, houses, boats, and planes will have a digital representation in the form of a NFT. These NFTs, just like investments in physical property have the ability to increase in value.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) present a variety of opportunities across different sectors for the crypto investor. NFTs are unique digital tokens that represent ownership of a specific item or asset, utilizing blockchain technology to verify authenticity and ownership.

Here's a look at the different options to invest in NFTs, focusing on virtual real estate, collectibles, and real-world assets:

Virtual Real Estate

Virtual real estate involves purchasing digital land or properties within virtual worlds or metaverse platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, or Cryptovoxels. These platforms allow users to buy, sell, develop, and manage properties in a virtual space.


Digital collectibles are one of the most popular forms of NFTs. These can include digital art, trading cards, and other unique virtual items. Platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and NBA Top Shot are popular marketplaces for such NFTs.

Real World Assets

NFTs linked to real-world assets combine physical items with digital ownership. This can include everything from real estate and cars to luxury goods and exclusive experiences. These NFTs act as digital certificates of ownership or rights to the physical asset.

Investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or crypto collectibles can also be profitable. These digital assets can appreciate in value, especially those tied to art, gaming, or historic moments in crypto.

Crypto Funds & ETFs

While there is also the option to invest in the stock market through crypto funds and ETFs, we believe this takes away from the original design and intention of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole. We believe in the self-custody of cryptocurrency and if you are interested in Bitcoin, then our philosophy is to have sole custody over your Bitcoins, which means having access to the private keys and this is something that is not available with Bitcoin and crypto funds.

Each of these methods carries its own level of risk and potential return, and the best approach depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and involvement in the cryptocurrency space. Always perform due diligence and consider seeking advice from financial experts specializing in cryptocurrencies.

DisclaimerPlease note that the content of this article is for educational and informational purposes only and in no way to be construed as financial, trading, or other sort of advice. Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and due diligence. We recommend consulting with your financial adviser before making any investment decisions.