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🚀 100x Altcoin Strategy

Use this strategy to find newly minted Cryptos with +100x potential.

How to Find 100x Altcoins: How to find newly minted cryptos with 100x potential |

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The biggest question on many crypto investor's minds is:

How do you find altcoins and buy them before everyone else so you can make those 100x gains?

First, it's necessary to realize that if you are looking at +100x gains, then this will only be achievable from the small and micro-cap market.

Why Micro-Cap & Small-Cap Altcoins?

Low-cap altcoins (also known as micro-cap or small-cap altcoins) are the only segment of the altcoin market which have the potential for massive ROI (Return on Investment) because they are often undervalued and relatively unknown and or are newly released.

These altcoins have a market capitalization of hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars which is a very small fraction when compared to the more popular altcoins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum (which have a market capitalization in the billions of dollars).

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Levels |
Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Levels

If one of these low-cap altcoins can move from a market cap of a couple hundred thousand dollars (or million dollars) to ten or even a hundred million dollars, the ROI could easily be +100 to +1000x, as we have seen many times in the past with examples such as Doge, Shibu Inu, and Pepe.

It's for this reason, low-cap altcoins are sought after by many investors.

$125 Turned into $1 Million in 4 Days:

Crypto Investor Turned $125 into +$1M (in 4 days) with this Meme Coin!
This meme coin has increased by +4,500x in just the last few days!

How to Find Low Cap Altcoins with 100x Potential?

If you are looking for the next low-cap altcoin with the potential to be +100x? We know for a fact these diamonds in the rough exist. We have seen many cases in the past from Pepe to Doge to Shiba Inu. But with all the thousands of new cryptocurrencies entering the market - How do you find the next Pepe, Doge, or Shiba?

There are currently +100,000 active cryptocurrencies and many new cryptocurrencies are being launched every day. It's impossible to keep track of all these cryptocurrencies without the help of software.

100x Potential Altcoins

The only way to keep up with this information is to use a software tool and the one I recommend is Moralis Money.

It's the same tool that first identified the Pepe Token, many days before it took off and before the market was talking about it.

100x altcoin strategy

What is Moralis Money:

Moralis is a software platform that aggregates all the cryptocurrencies and relevant data into an easy-to-use UI that allows us to sort through the many thousands of cryptocurrencies with the potential for massive growth.

Finding 100x Altcoins

This powerful software allows you to sort and identify cryptocurrencies based on a number of important criteria, such as the coin age (this is very important to becoming one of the first investors on a particular token), its DEXT security score, Market capitalization and a number of experienced buyers as we as a number of other factors.

When I first found the Pepe token, these were the settings I used:

How to Find the Next 100x Altcoin - Simple Method |
  • Coin Age: Less than 10 days
  • Security Score: Greater than 90
  • Experienced Buyers: Increased by more than 10 in a week

However, to access these advanced features, you do require a paid account.

How to Use Moralis Money on a Free Account

If you would like to try the software without having to sign up for a paid account, there is (limited) functionality but does offer an excellent method to see how the system works.

Under the Free Account, you can use these settings:

  • Coin Age: Less than 60 days
  • Security Score: Greater than 90 (DEXT Score)
  • Market Cap: Less than 50 Million

How do I Learn More About this tool?

The best way to learn more about this tool and determine if it is the right fit for your investing style and strategy is to take it for a spin and try it out.

The Next 100x Altcoin

With the strategies above, you are now well-equipped to start your own adventure finding the next 100x altcoin. This journey requires diligence, foresight, and a nuanced understanding of the cryptocurrency landscape.

Fortunately, with tools like Moralis Money, it is easier than before to be one of the first people to find the next 100x altcoin.

Good luck on your journey uncovering the next 100x altcoin. The opportunity and potential are unlimited.

Frequency Asked Questions

What is a 100x altcoin strategy?

A 100x altcoin strategy is an investing strategy that targets finding altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin) that have the potential to increase in value by 100 times or more.

This involves researching and investing in coins that are not yet mainstream and may have significant growth potential due to their innovative technology, market positioning, or industry adoption.

How do I start with the 100x altcoin strategy?

To start with the 100x altcoin strategy, you should:

  1. Educate Yourself: Understand the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Familiarize yourself with terms and concepts.
  2. Market Research: Identify trends in the crypto market, including sectors like DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts, etc.
  3. Pick Potential Coins: Look for altcoins that are backed by solid projects, have active development teams, and are still low in market capitalization.
  4. Analysis: Conduct both fundamental and technical analysis to evaluate the potential of these coins. Visit the Crypto Investing section of our blog.
  5. Investment: Decide on your investment size based on your risk tolerance and potential for return. It's advisable to diversify your investments.

What should I look for in potential 100x altcoins?

When searching for potential 100x altcoins, consider the following factors:

  • Innovation: Does the project introduce new and practical solutions?
  • Team: Is the team behind the cryptocurrency experienced and credible?
  • Technological Foundation: Is the altcoin technologically robust? Look at its scalability, transaction speed, and security features.
  • Community and Ecosystem: Does the altcoin have a strong, active community and partnerships?
  • Market Capitalization: Lower market cap coins may offer higher growth potential, albeit with higher risk.

Are there risks involved in the 100x altcoin strategy?

Yes, like any high-reward strategy, the 100x altcoin approach comes with high risks:

  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies, especially altcoins, can be highly volatile.
  • Market Liquidity: Smaller altcoins may have issues with liquidity, making them harder to sell at high volumes.
  • Regulatory Changes: Cryptocurrencies are subject to evolving regulatory measures that can affect their value.

How much should I invest?

The amount to invest depends on your individual financial situation and risk tolerance. A common approach is to only invest what you are willing to lose, given the high-risk nature of investing in low-capitalization cryptocurrencies. Diversifying your investment across different assets is also recommended to mitigate risk.

Can I implement the 100x strategy without constant monitoring?

While it's possible to invest with a long-term view, active monitoring is advisable given the rapid changes that can occur in the cryptocurrency market. Setting up alerts for price changes and news related to your investments can help manage this.

How do I know when to sell?

Deciding when to sell depends on your investment goals and market conditions:

  • Profit Goals: Set target prices to take profits incrementally, which can protect against volatility and secure gains.
  • Market Indicators: Keep an eye on technical indicators and market sentiment. If the market shows signs of reversing from a positive trend, it might be time to sell.

What tools do I need to implement this strategy?

You'll need access to:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges: For buying and selling altcoins.
  • Wallets: To securely store your cryptocurrencies.
  • Research Tools: Access to Moralis Money.

Where can I learn more about analyzing altcoins?

Educational resources like signing up for this cryptocurrency investment blog, forums, and websites (such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and CryptoSlate) offer a wealth of information. Consider taking online courses on platforms like Udemy or Coursera that focus on cryptocurrency investing.

How do I Find Cryptos that will 100x?

Finding cryptos that will 100x requires strategy, tools and dedication. This blog post provides the strategy and the tool. The rest is up to you. The best part about this process is done right, you can be one of the first investors into these 100x coins/tokens.

When conducting your research, it's important to:

Identify Promising Sectors

Focus on sectors within the cryptocurrency market that are poised for substantial growth. Examples include DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), and emerging technologies like Web3 and the metaverse.

Use Technical Indicators

Employ indicators like RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), and Fibonacci retracement levels to determine optimal entry and exit points. These tools can help identify trends and potential reversals in the market.

Pattern Recognition

Recognize chart patterns that historically precede significant price movements. Patterns such as the "cup and handle," "head and shoulders," or "double bottom" can indicate impending rallies.

100x Cryptos

Find the cryptos that will 100x is both an art, a science and also involves being at the right place at the right time. While researching the next 100x may seem daunting, the potential rewards can be life-changing.


Moralis Money is a powerful research tool and particularly suited for those investors looking to be the first to identify and buy into newly minted crypto projects.

This tool is also the preferred tool for those who are into meme coin investing and the ROI potential that comes with this type of investing.