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Altcoin Evaluations

Listing of our Altcoin evaluations

What are the Evaluation Reports?

Every week, the team at Altcoin Investor releases an Altcoin Shortlist, within a specific cryptocurrency niche within the market. For the cryptocurrency projects which we believe have excellent growth potential, we also perform a deep dive and write an evaluation report. The methodology and evaluation methods used in these reports can be found here.

This evaluation report forms the basis for our opinion when determining the next Altcoin Pick of the Month.

Is Digibyte a good Investment? Here is our evaluation
This report evaluates the fundamentals of Digibyte.
Binance (BNB) - Is it Good Investment? | Altcoin Review
What is happening to Binance (BNB) price? Is it a good investment and when should you buy it?
Nano (Nano) - Price Analysis for Investors | Altcoin Investor
We take a value-based approach to the analysis of Nano (NANO). Is it a good investment and should you buy it?