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Warren Ouma is one such cybercriminal who has been engaged in numerous online fraudulent activities.

Warren Ouma, scammer

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We are living in the age of the internet. Gone are the days when it was a luxury, as it has now become a crucial component of our daily lives. There is no doubt that unprecedented advancements have taken place because of it and there has been quite a revolution. But, as with any advancement, there are two sides to the story and the case is no different here. While the internet has come with unimaginable benefits, there are also downsides and cybercrimes are one of the major ones.

There are a ton of malicious activities that can happen over the internet, ranging from phishing, romance scams, and identity theft to more sophisticated financial scams and frauds. Those behind these activities can enjoy anonymity, all the while exploiting the vulnerabilities to prey on unsuspecting individuals. Hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, Warren Ouma is one such cybercriminal who has been engaged in numerous online fraudulent activities.

He is said to be the perpetrator behind some notorious scams, which include and, and he has used them for conducting different crypto and investment scams. Let’s take a closer look at these platforms to understand his activities. – A Ponzi scheme

One of the shady platforms that are associated with the Kenyan Ouma is which boasts all the signs of a Ponzi scheme. This is because it is promising high returns to investors that are certainly not possible for anyone to earn and it asks for funds from the newer participants, which are then used to pay off the earlier ones. It is a structure that is common in Ponzi schemes and should alert a potential investor right away.

The fact that the platform claims to double your investment within 1 to 24 hours is itself a red flag because it sounds too good to be true. The first rule of identifying any scam is that when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are no banks or wealth management services in the world that can offer you the kind of profits that this platform is promising.

According to Warren, the mastermind behind this Ponzi scheme, they are able to earn such profits through staking crypto and investments in forex, oil, bonds and other assets, but since these markets are volatile, no one can guarantee returns. – Reputation damage

Another site linked to the criminal mastermind Warren Ouma is, which has become known for extortion. This is because the said website is dedicated to posting negative reviews about different organizations. It sounds like a good thing until you realize that these reviews are actually fabricated.

It is well-known that negative reviews can have a disastrous impact on the reputation of businesses and entities because people may rely on them when making up their minds about the said businesses. This can result in massive losses for these entities. Ouma has created a platform for posting bad reviews and then demands a heavy fee for removing them.

The goal is to create a problem and then charge money for solving it and it has done so with many businesses because they cannot afford to have their reputation tarnished. This is how Ouma is exploiting online businesses by threatening their reputation and image through the fake reviews posted on the platform he has created solely for this purpose.

The Background

Based in Kenya, Ouma is using the company name Delipress Kenya for running its operations, which has its offices in Nairobi. This shows that he has created a wide and detailed network for carrying out his scam operations.

Address: 71489 00622 Nairobi Kenya 00100 KE

Phone Number: +254.0740955210

Ending Thoughts

The fact that Warren Ouma is associated with shady and fraudulent platforms like and shows that people need to be cautious when they are trading and investing online. These platforms may appear to be genuine at first glance, but they are designed to mislead people by exploiting them in the long run.