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Warren Ouma: Alleged Digital Scam Artist, Behind &

This article delves into the allegations surrounding Ouma and the broader implications of such activities in the crypto and investment space.

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In the age of digital transformation, the world has witnessed unprecedented advancements in technology, communication, and information dissemination. The internet, once a luxury, has now become a staple in our daily lives.

However, as with every revolution, there are always two sides to the coin. Alongside the numerous benefits, the digital age has also paved the way for a new breed of crimes – cybercrimes.

Cybercrimes encompass a wide range of malicious activities, from identity theft and phishing to more sophisticated financial frauds and scams. These digital deceptions are not limited by geographical boundaries, making them even more challenging to monitor and counteract.

The perpetrators, often hidden behind layers of digital anonymity, exploit the vulnerabilities of the online ecosystem, preying on unsuspecting individuals and organizations.

One such alleged perpetrator who has emerged in this digital wilderness is Warren Ouma from Kenya and as a public announcement, it's important to make potential investors aware of his alleged crimes. His purported involvement in a series of online fraudulent activities has raised alarms in the cyber and crypto community.

Websites such as and, among others, are believed to be under his control, serving as platforms for various investment and crypto scams.

This article delves into the allegations surrounding Ouma and the broader implications of such activities in the crypto and investment space.

Reputation Blackmail, a site linked to Ouma, has faced allegations of reputation extortion. This involves posting fabricated negative reviews about entities, and when these entities attempt to correct the situation, they are coerced into paying hefty fees for the removal of these fake negative reviews.

These types of tactics not only damage the reputation of legitimate online entities but also mislead individuals who rely on these reviews. The modus operandi is straightforward: fabricate an issue and then monetize the solution.

Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Another platform tied to Ouma,, is believed to be a crypto-based Ponzi scheme aimed at deceiving traders.

As with classic Ponzi schemes, funds from new participants are utilized to provide returns to earlier ones. This cycle persists until the inflow of new participants ceases, culminating in the scheme's collapse and subsequent losses for the latest entrants.

Profile of Warren Ouma

Operating under the business name "Delipress Kenya" and based in Nairobi, Kenya, Ouma remains a somewhat enigmatic figure. However, the available data implicates him as the brains behind the aforementioned alleged scams. His connections to these platforms and other questionable activities have garnered attention in the online trading and investment sectors.

Details about Warren Ouma:

  • Company: Delipress Kenya
  • Address: 71489 00622 Nairobi Kenya 00100 KE
  • Phone: +254.0740955210

Final Thoughts

In the dynamic digital transaction domain, vigilance against potential scams and deceptive practices is crucial. Warren Ouma's affiliations with sites like and have positioned him as a notable figure in the online trading arena.

As always, it's necessary to do your own research and due diligence before making any investment, especially online.