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How to Make Money on eToro? | Investor's Guide

This guide shows you the various methods to make money on eToro, catering to both novice and experienced investors.

how to make money on eToro

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Welcome to the world of eToro, a leading social trading platform that offers a plethora of investment opportunities.

This guide shows you the various methods to make money on eToro, catering to both novice and experienced investors. Here, we will explore four primary strategies: direct investments in stocks and other assets, shorting the market through Contracts for Difference (CFDs), copying the trades of seasoned investors, and ascending to the lucrative status of a popular investor.

What is eToro?

eToro stands out for its diverse offerings, user-friendly interface, and community-centric approach, enabling users to engage with financial markets more effectively and informally. Whether you're looking to trade or passively invest actively, eToro provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to support your financial journey.

As we delve into each strategy, consider your investment goals, risk tolerance, and the nuances of each approach to optimize your eToro experience.

eToro Direct Investments

Direct Investments

Direct investments on eToro are the most straightforward approach to entering the financial markets. This method involves purchasing stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and other assets available on the platform.

Here's what you need to know about direct investments on eToro:

Understanding Direct Investments:

  • Broad Access to Markets: eToro offers an expansive range of assets, including over 3,000 stocks from 17 global exchanges. Investors can access popular U.S. market stocks like Tesla and Netflix, as well as a variety of international options.
  • Commission-Free Trading: One of the most attractive features of eToro is the commission-free trades on stocks and ETFs. This allows investors to save on transaction costs, making it more feasible to diversify portfolios.

Financial Planning and Investment:

  • Considering Additional Capital: As you embark on your investment journey or look to expand your portfolio, you might consider various financing options to allocate more capital into your investments. One way to increase your investment capacity is to apply for a personal loan, which can provide the necessary funds to take advantage of market opportunities. However, it's crucial to carefully assess the terms of the loan and ensure that it aligns with your risk tolerance and financial strategy.

Costs and Considerations:

  • Ancillary Fees: Despite the lure of commission-free trading, investors must be aware of other potential costs such as stamp duty for UK investors, currency conversion fees, and withdrawal charges.
  • Fractional Shares: eToro enables the purchase of fractional shares, allowing investors with smaller budgets to invest in high-value stocks and diversify their holdings.

Risks and Strategies:

  • Market Volatility: Investing in single stocks is subject to market volatility. A well-timed investment can lead to substantial gains, whereas missteps can result in losses.
  • Long-Term Investing with ETFs: For those seeking less volatility, investing in ETFs like the VUSA Vanguard ETF, which tracks the S&P 500, can be a more stable, long-term approach. However, investors should still be mindful of market fluctuations and economic cycles.

Direct investment on eToro is an accessible entry point for many investors. It offers the flexibility to choose from a wide array of assets with the added benefit of commission-free trades. However, understanding the associated fees, market risks, and the importance of diversification is crucial to making informed investment decisions.

Shorting the Market with CFDs

Shorting the Market with CFDs

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a popular financial derivative that allows traders to speculate on the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets. On eToro, investors can use CFDs to short the market, potentially profiting from downward price movements.

Here's what you need to understand about shorting the market with CFDs:

Understanding CFDs:

  • What are CFDs? CFDs are agreements between two parties to exchange the difference in the price of an asset from the time the contract is opened to when it is closed. It allows you to speculate on price movements without owning the underlying asset.
  • Market Access: eToro's CFDs provide access to a wide range of markets, including stocks, indices, commodities, and more, allowing for diverse trading strategies.

Advantages of Using CFDs:

  • Flexibility: CFDs offer the ability to short-sell, providing a way to profit from falling markets or hedge against downturns in your portfolio.
  • Leverage: eToro allows trading CFDs on leverage, meaning you can control a large position with a relatively small amount of capital. However, while leverage can magnify profits, it can also amplify losses.

Potential Risks and Downsides:

  • Increased Risk: Leveraged trading means increased risk. It's important to understand that while potential profits are higher, losses can exceed deposits.
  • Market Volatility: Just as with direct investments, CFDs are susceptible to market volatility. The difference is that with leveraged positions, small market movements can have significant impacts.

Strategic Considerations:

  • Hedging: Investors might use CFDs to hedge their existing portfolios against short-term volatility or downturns, essentially protecting against losses by taking an opposite position in the market.
  • Margin and Maintenance: Understand the margin requirements and the need to maintain sufficient funds in your account to keep positions open, known as maintenance margin.

While CFDs offer an avenue for sophisticated trading strategies like shorting the market and can provide significant returns, they also carry a higher level of risk, especially due to leverage. As with any investment, it's critical to fully understand the risks and mechanics of CFDs before engaging in trading, and consider whether it aligns with your overall investment strategy and risk tolerance.

eToro Top Copy Trader

Copying Top Investors

eToro's social trading platform allows users to replicate the trades of experienced and successful traders, known as CopyTrading. This feature enables investors to automatically copy the trading strategies of their chosen investors, making it a unique way to potentially profit from the expertise of seasoned traders. Here's a closer look at how copying top investors works on eToro:

Understanding CopyTrading:

  • What is CopyTrading? It's a feature that allows you to view the performance of other traders and automatically replicate their trades in real time.
  • Selecting Traders to Copy: eToro provides various tools to assess and choose traders to copy based on their performance history, risk score, and trading style.

Benefits of Copying Investors:

  • Ease and Efficiency: For many users, CopyTrading simplifies the investment process, as it requires less time and effort than researching and executing trades independently.
  • Diversification: By copying multiple traders with different strategies, investors can diversify their portfolios and potentially mitigate risks.

Risks and Considerations:

  • Past Performance Isn't Indicative of Future Results: While a trader may have an impressive track record, there's no guarantee that their future trades will be profitable.
  • Understanding Risk Scores: eToro assigns a risk score to each trader based on their trading behavior. Understanding these scores is crucial to making informed decisions about whom to copy.

Tips for Effective CopyTrading:

  • Start with a Clear Strategy: Know your financial goals and risk tolerance before choosing whom to copy.
  • Regularly Review and Adjust: Monitor the performance of the traders you're copying and make adjustments as needed based on their recent performance and changes in your investment strategy.

In essence, while CopyTrading on eToro offers a potentially lucrative and straightforward way to engage with the markets, it requires a thoughtful approach. Investors should conduct due diligence on the traders they wish to copy, understand the associated risks, and continually assess their CopyTrading portfolio's performance.

eToro Popular Investor Program

The Popular Investor Program on eToro is designed for talented traders who want to earn a second income by allowing others to copy their trades. As a popular investor, you can earn fixed payments and a percentage of the assets under management that are copying your trades. Here's how you can ascend to becoming a popular investor and what it entails:

  • What It Is: A program that rewards successful eToro traders for being copied by others. The more copiers and assets under management, the greater the potential earnings.
  • Criteria for Becoming a Popular Investor: eToro evaluates potential popular investors based on their trading performance, risk score, and the stability of their strategy. Transparency and frequent communication with copiers are also important.
  • Earn Additional Income: Popular investors earn a monthly payment based on the number of people copying them and the total amount of funds copying their trades.
  • Recognition and Growth: Building a following can lead to increased visibility and credibility in the eToro community.

Earning Tiers and Potential Revenue:

  • Progressive Tiers: eToro's Popular Investor Program has several tiers, each with its own set of requirements and benefits. As you ascend from Cadet to Elite, the potential earnings increase.
  • Payment Structure: Payments to popular investors are a combination of fixed monthly payments and a percentage of the annual assets under management copying them.

Responsibilities and Risks:

  • Maintaining a Strategy: Popular investors need to maintain a consistent and successful trading strategy to retain and attract copiers.
  • Managing Expectations and Communication: Being a popular investor also means managing the expectations of your copiers and maintaining open communication regarding your trading decisions and any strategy changes.

In conclusion, becoming a popular investor on eToro offers the opportunity for skilled traders to monetize their success. However, it requires maintaining a consistent and transparent trading strategy, managing the responsibilities that come with a following, and navigating the risks associated with market fluctuations and investor expectations.


As we've explored throughout this guide, eToro offers a diverse array of strategies for individuals looking to invest or trade in the financial markets. From direct investments and shorting the market with CFDs to copying top investors or becoming one yourself, each method carries its own set of risks, rewards, and considerations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Direct Investments: Offer a straightforward way to invest in a variety of assets with the added benefit of commission-free trading, suitable for long-term growth strategies.
  • Shorting with CFDs: Provides a method for profiting from market downturns and increasing portfolio flexibility, but comes with higher risks, particularly due to leverage.
  • Copying Top Investors: Allows for a more passive investment strategy by leveraging the knowledge and performance of experienced traders, though it requires careful selection and ongoing monitoring.
  • Becoming a Popular Investor: Offers the opportunity to earn additional income based on your trading success and the ability to influence and guide a community of followers.

Final Thoughts:

Investing and trading on eToro can be as rewarding as it is challenging. It requires a balance of knowledge, strategy, and risk management to navigate successfully. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to the platform, it's essential to conduct thorough research, continuously educate yourself, and align your strategies with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

As you embark on or continue your investment journey with eToro, remember that diligence, adaptability, and a clear understanding of the different tools and strategies at your disposal are key to your success. Happy trading!