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The Next Pokémon Go for Crypto?

MEMBERS ONLY: Possibly the biggest hidden gem in play-to-earn gaming.

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Editors Note:

I have been in contact with this company over the last few weeks and am so impressed, I have personally invested in the DEXI token. It's my personal belief this company and token will perform extraordinarily well in both the short and long term. This token will be added to our pick of the month. You are receiving this priority email notification because you are a paid member of the site.

If you are not familiar with Pokémon Go®, it's an augmented reality game that was released in 2016 and it took the world by storm. This game has become so popular, it's now competing with Twitter in terms of daily active users on Andriod.

Today, we may potentially see a rival for this game and what makes this rival in one regard superior to Pokémon Go® is that it's based on the blockchain, allowing players the ability to Play and Earn — This changes everything folks!

What is being dubbed as the Play-to-Earn Revolution, is the ability for blockchain games to offer their players the ability to be remunerated for their gameplay and in-game content development (via NFTs). Gamers now have the ability to play and get paid. I wrote about this earlier where some gamers were earning a full-time income from playing a single game on their mobile phone.

So what happens when you take a very successful game format like Pokémon Go® and offer players the ability to play and earn?

Well, I think we will soon find out…

I believe I have stumbled upon the biggest hidden gem in Play-to-Earn gaming yet.

Dexi Hunter

Enter: Dexi Hunter

Although the game is still in development (nearing 70% complete), we can get an early preview of how the game functions and plays. In a similar format to the very popular Pokémon Go®, the team developing Dexi Hunter is looking to take augmented reality gaming to the next level and become the industry standard for blockchain-based gaming. From the previews available on their website, they seem to be very close to achieving this goal.

At the time of writing this article, the Dexi team has already completed their intern tests for Dexi Hunter, with still alpha and beta testing to be completed before launching the app. If you are an investor, this may be the perfect point in time to be introduced to such a project — just before it is launched.

Dexi Hunter in my mind will likely become one of the most successful games they have under development however, it's not the only game they are working on. They are also working on two other games, both of which target a different sector within the gaming market.

Legends of the Dexiverse

Legends of the Dexiverse is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplayer game) and looks to include all the elements you would expect to find in your traditional MMORPG.

To help put into perspective the popularity of MMORPG’s, World of Warcraft is likely the most popular MMORPG with an estimated 2.2 million daily players and over 120 million players.

For investors and players alike, it's important to note that traditional MMORPG’s typically require players to pay a subscription and don’t have the blockchain benefit of offering players the ability to play and earn.

While Legends of the Dexiverse is still under development (only around 40% complete) and still requires much development including intern testing, alpha and beta testing before it can be launched, it should be noted it has tremendous potential to do well in this niche gaming market.

DEXI Hero Card Game

The other game under development by the team at DexioProtocol is the Dexi Hero Card Game which looks to be based on the successful format used by card games such as Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. Players (known as Heros) are able to build a deck of cards using the in-game currency and battle other players based on their card abilities and skill level.

Dexi Gaming

These cards are unique in that each represents a different set of skills or abilities and users have the ability to buy, sell and exchange these cards.

For comparative purposes, likely the most popular digital card game is Hearthstone with over 100 million registered players and Magic the Gathering is estimated at around 35 million.

What is Dexioprotocol?

Based in Amsterdam and Columbus, OH and supported by an international team of developers, Dexioprotocol is a young and ambitious company with the goal of setting the standard for blockchain Augmented Reality (AR) app development.

From my perspective, what is very nice to see is the team has focused on developing the necessary foundational components needed to support high volume gameplay, including the development of their own blockchain (Smart Dexio Network), an NFT marketplace, their own game development and blockchain wallet they called Dexi wallet.

The Dexi wallet, which is already available on both Android and iOS, is the element that brings the entire ecosystem together. So, it’s worth looking further into how the wallet works.

The Dexi Wallet

The Dexi wallet is a very user intuitive blockchain cryptocurrency wallet that presently allows users to send and receive various cryptocurrencies as well as crypto ticker and news feed. Additional development is to include the ability to store and swap in-game assets and additional currencies.

All in all, this team has laid the groundwork and foundation for potentially (in my opinion) one of the greatest blockchain gaming ecosystems around.


It’s still a hidden gem, but not for long…

While this project is still relativity unknown and their games have yet to be released to the market, it makes excellent timing for early investors.

At the time of writing, DEXI is trading at $0.0000672 and ranked at #3390, making it low on the radar for most investors and gamers.

Is Dexioprotocol the Next Axie Infinity?

Although Axie Infinity and Dexioprotocol are fundamentally different, Axie Infinity has shown the world the extraordinary potential for blockchain gaming.

If Dexi hunter has even a fraction of the success we have seen with the Pokémon Go® mobile app and taking into account the ecosystem they have under development, I can see this project doing exceptionally well over both the short and long-term.

This is one of the few projects I have come across which shows tremendous potential to become one of the next big crypto games and more. It’s not just a crypto game, it’s a whole ecosystem.

If you feel you missed out on the extraordinary returns offered by Axie Infinity, you may want to check this project out before it becomes mainstream.

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