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Spend It Like Bitcoin: A Guide to What You Can Buy with BTC

This comprehensive guide aims to highlight the extensive variety of things you can buy with Bitcoin in today's market.

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Bitcoin, the first-ever and most well-known cryptocurrency, has made significant strides since its inception in 2009. Originally recognized for its decentralized nature and use within a small community of tech enthusiasts, Bitcoin's acceptance has grown exponentially over the years.

Today, Bitcoin has evolved into a recognized form of payment that can be used to purchase a diverse range of goods and services. This comprehensive guide aims to highlight the extensive variety of things you can buy with Bitcoin in today's market.

Digital Goods and Online Services

The digital realm was the first to embrace Bitcoin, and it continues to be a major area where Bitcoin transactions thrive. A wide range of online platforms across various sectors accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.

For instance, tech giant Microsoft allows users to top up their Microsoft accounts using Bitcoin, enabling them to purchase digital products like apps, games, and movies from the Windows and Xbox stores. Similarly, the popular gaming platform Steam also accepts Bitcoin, allowing gamers to purchase games and in-game items using the cryptocurrency.

Travel and Accommodation

The travel and tourism industry has been another significant adopter of Bitcoin. Several travel agencies, airlines, and hotel chains now accept Bitcoin for bookings. Expedia, one of the world's largest online travel booking agencies, accepts Bitcoin for hotel bookings.

Additionally, platforms like CheapAir and BTCTrip have emerged, offering flight and hotel bookings exclusively with Bitcoin. In certain cities, you can even use Bitcoin for taxi services.

Food and Beverages

In the food industry, Bitcoin has made its way into both online and brick-and-mortar establishments. Several restaurants and cafes worldwide accept Bitcoin, and there are even Bitcoin food delivery services.

For example, allows customers in certain regions to order meals from local restaurants with Bitcoin. Moreover, global fast-food chains like Subway and KFC have also run pilot programs accepting Bitcoin in certain locations.

Retail and E-commerce

Several online retailers and e-commerce platforms have started to accept Bitcoin, making everyday shopping with Bitcoin a reality., for example, is a major online retailer that accepts Bitcoin for a vast array of products, from furniture to electronics. Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade items and crafts, also has vendors who accept Bitcoin.

Real Estate

Perhaps more surprisingly, the real estate sector has also started to embrace Bitcoin. Some real estate agencies allow property transactions using Bitcoin. This trend isn't limited to small properties either – there have been several high-profile instances of houses and even islands being purchased with Bitcoin. This represents a significant shift in the acceptance of Bitcoin as a viable form of payment for high-value transactions.

Luxury Goods

Luxury items and high-end retailers have begun to accept Bitcoin as well. Platforms like BitPremier and The White Company offer a range of products from fine jewelry to sports cars and even yachts. The adoption of Bitcoin in this sector demonstrates the trust and confidence these businesses have in the stability and growth of Bitcoin.

Charitable Donations

The philanthropic sector has also seen Bitcoin's potential. Several charitable organizations accept Bitcoin donations, opening up new avenues for global giving. Renowned organizations such as Save the Children, the Water Project, and the Internet Archive accept Bitcoin donations, allowing donors to support causes they care about using digital currency.


Several universities and educational institutions around the world have started accepting Bitcoin for tuition payments. This not only provides an alternative payment method for students but also aligns with the forward-thinking, innovative ethos of these institutions.

Tech Gadgets

Bitcoin can be used to purchase a wide range of tech gadgets. Major tech companies like Samsung and Apple have started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for their products, including smartphones and laptops​. You can even purchase gaming consoles with Bitcoin, reflecting the growing overlap between the cryptocurrency and gaming communities.

Luxury Items and Collectibles

From high-end designer clothing and bags to luxury watches and jewelry, Bitcoin is now being accepted by luxury retailers around the globe. Brands like Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Versace, and Balmain have all entered the crypto space, allowing customers to purchase their products with Bitcoin.

Collectibles are also a significant market for Bitcoin purchases. Fine art, for example, can now be purchased with Bitcoin, opening up a new avenue for collectors and investors alike. The realm of digital collectibles, or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), has been particularly receptive to Bitcoin, offering a new way for creators and consumers to connect.

Presale Tokens and Crypto Mining Setups

For those deeply ingrained in the crypto world, Bitcoin can be used to participate in the presales of new cryptocurrency tokens. These presales often offer tokens at discounted prices, potentially leading to significant gains once the tokens are listed on an exchange. Furthermore, Bitcoin can be used to purchase advanced mining hardware, enabling users to mine new Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies more efficiently​.

Online Courses and Website Domains

Education is another sector that has embraced Bitcoin. In addition to universities accepting Bitcoin for tuition, online courses can also be purchased with cryptocurrency. This has opened up a new world of learning opportunities for those in the crypto community. In addition, website domains can be bought with Bitcoin, making it easier for entrepreneurs and businesses in the crypto space to establish their online presence.

In Conclusion:

Bitcoin's acceptance as a form of payment has increased dramatically over the years. From everyday items to luxury goods, and from online courses to real estate, the variety of products and services you can purchase with Bitcoin continues to expand. This trend shows no signs of slowing down and will likely continue as more businesses and industries recognize the potential benefits of embracing cryptocurrency.

Before Making Purchases with Bitcoin

It's essential to do thorough research and understand how to safely transact with Bitcoin before making purchases. While Bitcoin is decentralized and does not offer the same protections as traditional fiat currencies, most governments around the world allow people to buy things with Bitcoin. However, it is not considered legal tender except in a few countries like El Salvador and the Central African Republic.

For those interested in buying Bitcoin, platforms such as Binance, BTCC, and Coinbase offer user-friendly interfaces, low fees, and robust security measures. As Bitcoin's acceptance continues to grow, so too do the opportunities for spending this revolutionary digital currency.