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Do Kwon: Bail Denied by Montenegro's Higher Courts

Do Kwon - Bail Denied

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In an unexpected turn of events, the higher courts of Montenegro have denied the bail previously granted to Terra executives Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon. This decision, which follows an appeal by the prosecution, serves as a significant development in the duo's ongoing legal proceedings.

Bail Was Originally Granted

Less than two weeks ago, the Basic Court in Podgorica accepted the bail plea for Kwon and Chang-joon. The news was a momentary respite for the executives who are facing charges of passport fraud. However, the fleeting relief has been abruptly cut short by the latest ruling from the higher courts, which has decreed that Kwon and Chang-joon remain in custody.

Do Kwon, formerly a leading figure in the crypto realm and co-founder of Terraform Labs, along with Han Chang-joon, his erstwhile chief financial officer, were initially granted bail. The bail amount was set at $430,500 or 400,000 euros, a sum that seemed to pave the way for their release. However, the prosecution opposed this decision, thus prompting further review by a higher judge.

Higher Court Decision

The higher court's decision has not only nullified the lower court's initial ruling but also necessitates a new judgement from the Basic Court. This new ruling must align with the decision of the higher court, thereby adding a layer of complexity to the already convoluted legal proceedings.

According to court spokesperson Marija Rakovic, there is no legal limit on the number of bail motions that can be submitted on behalf of Kwon and Chang-joon. This suggests that despite the higher court's decision, there may still be an opportunity for the Terra executives to seek release on bail once again.

Do Kwon's Future Remains Uncertain

However, the future for Kwon and Chang-joon remains uncertain. The higher court's ruling has undoubtedly created a significant setback for the pair. Moreover, the impending decision of the Basic Court, which is now tasked with making a new judgment in light of the higher court's ruling, leaves their fate hanging in the balance.

This case has garnered widespread attention, given the high-profile status of the accused. Kwon, in particular, has been a prominent figure in the world of cryptocurrency, making his legal struggle a matter of public interest. As such, the legal proceedings surrounding Kwon and Chang-joon's alleged passport fraud are being closely watched by observers within and outside the crypto community.

The denial of bail for Kwon and Chang-joon highlights the seriousness of the charges they face. Passport fraud is a grave offense, and the courts appear to be treating it as such. The revocation of bail underscores the severity of the situation and raises questions about the future of the accused, their potential penalties, and the subsequent impact on Terra.

The denial of bail for Terra executives Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon by Montenegro's higher courts marks a significant development in their legal case. As the Basic Court prepares to make a new ruling, the duo's fate remains uncertain.

The ongoing case serves as a stark reminder of the serious implications of legal infringements, even in the relatively new and often unregulated world of cryptocurrency. Regardless of the outcome, this case will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on the crypto community and the Terra ecosystem.