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Notcoin: The Telegram Game That's Becoming a Crypto Phenomenon.

BTC $67.6k, ETH $3.7k, NOT 169% (7D)

Notcoin: The Telegram Game That's  Becoming a Crypto Phenomenon. |

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Before we dive into this week's numbers, I'd like to introduce you to a project which is gaining attention and positioned well to become a top 10 project - Notcoin.

Notcoin (NOT) is a fascinating case study, transitioning from a viral play-to-earn game to a significant project. Notcoin began as a simple, free-to-play game on Telegram, where users mined virtual coins by tapping on a coin icon. This play-to-earn mechanism quickly gained popularity, attracting millions of users.

The game's in-game currency, Notcoins, was later converted into NOT tokens on The Open Network (TON) blockchain.

Last month, NOT tokens were airdropped to users and listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, OKX, and Bybit​​​​. As a result:

  • Trading Volume: Notcoin achieved a $1 billion trading volume, ranking among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by trading volume shortly after launch​​.
  • TON Ecosystem Integration: Notcoin has integrated with various TON ecosystem applications like Tonkeeper and MyTonWallet, enabling seamless voucher exchanges and rewards​​.
  • Burn Events: Significant amounts of Notcoins have been burned to reduce supply and potentially increase value​​.

Notcoin is one of those projects you will want to track and is well-positioned to rank within the top 10 cryptocurrency projects by market capitalization.

The 4 Phases of the Cryptocurrency Market |
The 4 Phases of the Cryptocurrency Market

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Top Trending Cryptocurrencies & Altcoins - CryptoBubbles Last 7 Days | - Last 7 Days

We are seeing some recovery in the market this week with a continued surge in meme coins.

Today's Crypto Fear & Greed Index

The Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Today's Crypto Fear and Greed Index = GREED –> No Change (72 last week).

Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Movement

Bitcoin decreased 1.9% last week, currently trading at $67,609. In the previous 90 days, Bitcoin has increased by 7.9%.

Ethereum increased 1.5% last week, currently trading at $3,796. In the previous 90 days, Ethereum has decreased by 9.6%.

Global cryptocurrency market capitalization decreased to $2.53T (from $2.55T last week).

The Top 100 Altcoin Cryptocurrency Gainers  (Last 7 days) |

Top 100 Gainers - Last 7 Days

In the previous 7 days, the biggest gainers (within the top 100):

Notcoin (NOT) +169% - Ranked #68

Notcoin (NOT) is a cryptocurrency that originated from a popular play-to-earn Telegram game, where users mined virtual coins by tapping on a coin icon. Operating on The Open Network (TON) blockchain, Notcoin transitioned from a game-based virtual currency to a tradable token. On May 16, 2024, NOT tokens were airdropped to users and listed on major exchanges like Binance. Notcoin offers various ways to earn, including strategic boosts and referral rewards, creating a community-driven experience. The project is backed by the TON Foundation and endorsed by Telegram founder Pavel Durov, adding credibility to its ecosystem

JasmyCoin (JASMY) +67% - Ranked #60

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is a cryptocurrency developed by Jasmy Corporation, a Tokyo-based company focused on creating a decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) platform. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Jasmy aims to give users control over their data, allowing secure management and storage and the ability to monetize it through a data marketplace.

Bitget Token (BGB) +28% - Ranked #56

The Bitget Token (BGB) is the native cryptocurrency of the Bitget exchange, an international platform known for derivatives and copy trading. Issued as an ERC-20 token, BGB offers several benefits to users, including trading fee discounts, staking rewards, and participation in platform governance. It also plays a role in Bitget's unique copy trading feature.

Chiliz (CHZ) +26% - Ranked #71

Chiliz (CHZ) is a cryptocurrency designed for sports and entertainment platforms, primarily used on the platform. It allows fans to buy fan tokens of their favorite teams, giving them voting rights on club decisions, access to exclusive rewards, and VIP experiences. CHZ enhances fan engagement and provides new revenue streams for clubs, with partnerships including major teams like FC Barcelona and Juventus. By enabling fans to trade tokens and participate in club activities, Chiliz creates a more interactive and rewarding fan experience in the sports industry.

Meme Coins are Trending in 2024 |

Meme Coins

We love to hate and hate to love meme coins. These projects are frowned upon by most serious investors because they don't have any intrinsic value however, meme coins are responsible for more crypto millionaires than any other sector in the crypto market.

Top Performing Meme Coins

Meme coins have continued to perform well in this market over the last few weeks. The biggest gainer in the last 30 days has been .....Turbo (TURBO) +1,266% (30d).

What is the Next 100x Meme Coin?

It's highly likely given all the public attention and focus for the upcoming elections, the next 100x meme coin will be political. The funny thing about this industry is that it's likely that the "next 100x meme coin" hasn't' even been minted yet.

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