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AIOZ Network (AIOZ) +531% (1M)

This increase in value is attributed to a series of significant developments and achievements within the AIOZ Network.

AIOZ Network

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The recent +530% price surge of AIOZ, the native cryptocurrency of the AIOZ Network, has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community and crypto investors alike.

This remarkable increase in value is attributed to a series of significant developments and achievements within the AIOZ Network.

  • Reaching a Milestone of 20,000 Nodes: AIOZ Network recently announced that it had reached a significant milestone of 20,000 nodes on its network. This is a substantial achievement compared to other blockchains like Bitcoin, which had just under 10,000 reachable nodes at the time of writing. The growth in the number of nodes can signal robust network health and scalability, which might have positively influenced investor confidence​​​​.
  • Partnership with Social Video App Omni: AIOZ Network announced a partnership with Omni, a social video app. Partnerships like these can often be perceived as an expansion of a network's utility and reach, potentially attracting more users and developers to the platform​​.
  • Collaboration and Patent Developments: AIOZ Network announced it was dropping several patents in the spirit of collaboration. This move could be seen as a commitment to open-source development and cooperation in the blockchain community, which might appeal to the ethos of many cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts​​.
  • Partnership with Marketing Firm Innovion: AIOZ Network partnered with Innovion, a marketing firm known for its experience and history of producing results for other clients in the blockchain space. This partnership aims to increase the exposure of AIOZ Network and consolidate its marketing efforts, potentially increasing investor awareness and interest​​.
  • Launch of Decentralized Storage Infrastructure Platform, W3S: The AIOZ development team has been focusing on decentralized storage, planning to launch their platform, W3S, which will host a variety of decentralized solutions and products. The anticipation of this new platform, which aims to challenge the current centralized cloud storage landscape, could be driving excitement and investment in the AIOZ Network​​.

These developments, particularly the expansion of the network's infrastructure, strategic partnerships, and upcoming product launches, are likely key drivers behind the recent price increase of AIOZ. They signify the network's growth, potential for increased adoption, and commitment to innovation in the blockchain space.

What is AIOZ?

AIOZ Network is a blockchain-based platform that aims to revolutionize the way digital media is streamed and delivered. It utilizes a distributed content delivery network (dCDN) to enhance the efficiency and quality of video streaming. This network connects a global web of nodes, allowing for optimal delivery speed, high-quality streaming, and shared bandwidth use.

By leveraging blockchain technology, AIOZ Network seeks to offer a decentralized alternative to traditional content delivery networks (CDNs), which are often centralized and confined within private servers. AIOZ Network's goal is to enable a more efficient, cost-effective, and creator-friendly ecosystem for media content distribution​​.