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Gas (GAS) +889% (1M)

The gas price has pumped by +300% in one week and approximately +889% in the last 30 days.

Gas (GAS) Crypto Price

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Why is Gas Price Pumping?

The significant increase in GAS's price over the past month, where it surged by 300% in one week and by approximately 889% over the month, has been attributed to several factors.

Reasons for the Pump in the Price of Gas

A primary catalyst seems to be a high concentration of trading activity on the Korean exchange Upbit, where 61% of GAS's trading volume was recorded.

Interestingly, the price of GAS on Upbit has been higher than on other major exchanges like Binance, which can create arbitrage opportunities that traders might exploit, further driving up the price​​​​​​.

Another factor that might be contributing to GAS's price rally is the anticipation of the Upbit D Conference, where Neo's Head of Eco Growth, Jiachao Wang, is expected to attend. Events like these can create speculation and hype around a cryptocurrency, leading to increased trading activity​​.

Furthermore, on October 27, Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, announced the development of a sidechain for NEO that is designed to be resistant to Miner Extractable Value (MEV) bots and censorship. This upcoming sidechain is expected to increase the consumption of GAS due to NEO's technical design, potentially leading to an increased demand for GAS and thus contributing to its price increase​​.

The combination of these factors — significant trading activity on a specific exchange, upcoming high-profile events, and technical developments related to NEO's infrastructure — appears to have contributed to the substantial increase in GAS's price.

It's a confluence of trade dynamics, market sentiment, and project developments that can often drive the price movements of cryptocurrencies.

NEO Blockchain

What is Gas?

Gas (GAS) is a cryptocurrency that functions within the NEO blockchain, which is particularly known for being the first decentralized, open-source blockchain platform launched in China.

GAS is utilized to pay for transaction fees on the NEO network and to incentivize users to participate in network maintenance​​.