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PAAL AI (PAAL) +202% (1M)

The recent 200% increase in PAAL AI (PAAL) cryptocurrency's value can be attributed to a number of factors, including its advanced AI ecosystem.

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The recent 200% increase in PAAL AI (PAAL) cryptocurrency's value can be partly attributed to its advanced AI ecosystem, which is designed to streamline tasks requiring human intellect (AI bots).

Additionally, it should be noted that PAAL AI has a high DEXT score of 99/99 and a 97% upvote rating on DEXTools, which likely contributed to its attractiveness to investors.

However, as a potential investor, it's important to note that the token contract includes a 4% buy and sell tax, which can be altered at the token issuer's discretion, posing a risk to investors.

As of the latest reports, PAAL AI's market cap is around $3.5 million with nearly 500 individual token holders​​.

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What is PAAL AI (PAAL)?

PAAL AI (PAAL) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2023, operating on the Ethereum platform. It focuses on incentivizing holders through profit sharing and token buybacks, aiming to increase token demand and value. Users can earn tokens by engaging with the platform's AI services, making referrals, and contributing to the community. The total supply is 1 billion, with about 760.5 million in circulation.

PAAL AI recently migrated to a new contract with a variable tax function for post-deployment tax rate adjustments. It integrates AI technologies for handling inquiries and assessing chat sentiment and is compatible with various platforms like Telegram and Discord. This integration of cryptocurrency and AI technology positions PAAL AI as a unique entity in the crypto space.