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Best Portfolio Management Software Tools

Not all portfolio management software are created equal!


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Investing in financial markets requires effective portfolio management. Whether you’re an individual investor, a financial advisor, or a fund manager, having the right tools can significantly enhance your decision-making process. 

Not all portfolio management software are created equal! Some focus solely on tracking investments and making trades, while others offer a broader financial picture, factoring in budgets, savings goals, debt management, and spending patterns. With prices ranging from free to over $100 annually, there's an option for everyone, regardless of whether you have a financial advisor. Find the perfect software to suit your needs in this article today and your quest for finance app ideas or search will end today.

This article uncovers the best fintech apps that offer comprehensive portfolio management, empowering you with automated tracking, insightful analytics, and personalized recommendations.

Personal Capital (Empower)

Over 2.5 million registered users rely on Personal Capital which is one of the best fintech apps for financial management. Personal Capital is a comprehensive financial management platform that offers robust portfolio tracking features. Here’s why it’s a top choice:

  • Aggregate all accounts: See bank balances, investments, loans, and more in one place.
  • Monitor your net worth: Gain real-time insights into your overall financial health.
  • Track investments: Link brokerage accounts, IRAs, and 401(k)s for automatic performance analysis.
  • Understand asset allocation: See how your investments are spread across different asset classes.
  • Analyse risk exposure: Identify and manage potential risks in your portfolio.
  • Reduce investment costs: Uncover hidden fees and optimise your portfolio for lower costs.

 Retirement Planner and Goal Tracking

  • What Is It? Personal Capital offers retirement planning tools. You can set retirement goals, estimate future expenses, and track your progress.
  • Features:
    • Scenario Modelling: Explore different retirement scenarios based on savings rate, investment returns, and retirement age.
    • Social Security Optimization: Understand how Social Security benefits impact your retirement income.

Mobile App and Security Measures

  • Mobile App: Personal Capital’s mobile app allows you to monitor your finances on the go. You can check your portfolio, track spending, and receive alerts.
  • Security: The platform prioritises security. It uses encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other measures to protect your data.

The digital finance market is cluttered and difficult to figure out, but this comprehensive list of the best fintech apps will ease your journey.

Morningstar Portfolio Manager


Morningstar is a well-known name in investment research. Dive deep into company analysis, explore investment insights, and track your portfolio performance - all in one convenient app. Their Portfolio Manager offers the following features:

  • Research and Analysis: Access Morningstar’s extensive database of mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs. Evaluate your holdings based on their proprietary ratings and research reports.
  • Portfolio X-Ray: Understand your portfolio’s underlying holdings, sector exposure, and geographic diversification.
  • Goal Tracking: Set investment goals and track progress over time.

Stock Intersection

  • What Is It? Morningstar Stock Intersection helps you identify when your assets overlap. It answers questions like:
    • Do I own similar stocks in different funds?
    • How much does a specific security impact my overall portfolio?

Comprehensive Data and Ratings

  • Why Does It Matters? Morningstar is the best fintech app as it provides trusted ratings and comprehensive data for each investment. Whether you’re evaluating mutual funds, ETFs, or individual stocks, you’ll find essential information:
    • Ratings: Morningstar’s proprietary ratings (such as star ratings) help you assess the quality of an investment.
    • Fundamentals: Dive into financial statements, ratios, and other relevant data points.
    • Risk Metrics: Understand the risk profile of each holding.



You can set your goals, and answer a few questions, and Wealthfront's robo-advisor manages your portfolio with low fees and expert strategies.:

  • Tax-Loss Harvesting: Wealthfront automatically harvests tax losses to minimise your tax liability.
  • Risk Parity: Their approach focuses on risk-balanced portfolios.
  • Direct Indexing: Wealthfront offers direct indexing for taxable accounts.



Betterment is another popular robo-advisor with portfolio management features:

  • Automated Rebalancing: Betterment rebalancing your portfolio automatically to maintain target allocations.
  • Financial Planning Tools: Includes retirement planning, goal-based investing, and tax-efficient strategies.


Track your portfolio across accounts, invest in personalised portfolios, and access expert guidance - all in SigFig app. It is a user-friendly platform that combines portfolio tracking with personalised advice, it’s one of the best finance app ideas:

  • Automated Portfolio Management: SigFig offers automated investment management, including rebalancing and tax optimization.
  • Investment Insights: Get detailed insights into your portfolio’s performance, fees, and risk exposure.
  • Integration with Brokerages: SigFig integrates seamlessly with various brokerage accounts.



YCharts is primarily known for its powerful financial data and charting capabilities. However, it also provides portfolio management features:

  • Customizable Dashboards: Create personalized dashboards to track your investments, economic indicators, and news.
  • Portfolio Analytics: Analyse your holdings, compare against benchmarks, and identify trends.
  • Risk Assessment: YCharts assesses portfolio risk and provides risk-adjusted performance metrics.

Tiller Money


Tiller Money focuses on budgeting and financial tracking, but it also offers portfolio management features:

Data Automation: Say Goodbye to Data Entry

  • Tiller Money Feeds: This feature connects 21,000 banks to your spreadsheets and imports your spending, income, and balances daily. No more manual data entry! It’s the fastest, easiest way to manage your money in a spreadsheet.

Foundation Template for Google Sheets

  • Foundation Template: Tiller provides a flexible Foundation Template for Google Sheets. Here’s what you can do with it:
    • Budgeting: Track your spending, set up budgets, and monitor net worth.
    • Customization: Adapt the template to your unique financial needs.
    • AutoCat Rules: Save time with intelligent auto-categorization

Daily Email Summary

  • Stay Informed: Receive a daily email summary with your latest cleared transactions and balances. It’s a convenient way to keep a clear view of your money without logging in.
  • Expense Tracking: Combine budgeting and investment tracking in one place.



Sharesight is designed specifically for portfolio tracking and performance analysis and it makes the investment journey easier.

  • Global Portfolio Tracking: Say goodbye to siloed views. Track all your investments, from stocks and ETFs to property and even cryptocurrency, in one place, regardless of location or currency.
  • Dividend Tracking:Forget manual calculations. Sharesight automatically tracks dividends, capital gains, and other income, providing a clear picture of your investment returns.
  • Tax Reporting: Tax season doesn't have to be stressful. Generate comprehensive tax reports tailored to your specific needs, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
  • More than just tracking: Sharesight goes beyond basic tracking, offering powerful performance analysis tools, customizable dashboards, and insightful reports to help you make informed investment decisions.


Choosing the right portfolio management software depends on your specific needs, preferences, and investment goals. Evaluate these best fintech apps based on their features, ease of use, and cost. Remember that accurate data input is crucial for meaningful insights. Investing involves risks, and it’s essential to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.