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Top 6 Bitcoin Mixers & Tumblers (Ultimate Privacy Tools)

Bitcoin mixers and tumblers are tools designed to enhance the privacy and anonymity of Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin Mixers & Tumblers
Washing Bitcoins with Mixers and Tumblers

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What are Bitcoin Mixers and Tumblers?

Bitcoin mixers and tumblers are tools designed to enhance the privacy and anonymity of Bitcoin transactions.

The Bitcoin blockchain is a public ledger that records all transactions, and it is possible for anyone to trace the flow of Bitcoin from one address to another. This lack of privacy can be a concern for users who wish to keep their transactions confidential.

Bitcoin mixers and tumblers help to solve this problem by mixing multiple transactions together, making it difficult to track the origin and destination of individual transactions.

In essence, these tools take a user's Bitcoin transaction and combine it with other transactions from other users, then send the mixed Bitcoin back to the original users. By doing so, it creates a web of transactions that is difficult to trace, thereby improving privacy and security. While the use of Bitcoin mixers and tumblers is not illegal, some regulatory authorities view them with suspicion and consider them to be tools used by criminals to launder money.

Despite this, many legitimate users, including businesses and individuals, utilize these tools to protect their privacy and financial security. In this introduction, we will delve into the concept of Bitcoin mixers and tumblers, how they work, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of using them.

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Top 6 Bitcoin Mixers:

Bitcoin Mixing

What is Bitcoin Mixing?

A Bitcoin mixer, sometimes referred to as a Bitcoin tumbler or Bitcoin mixer service, is a tool or service that enables users to enhance the privacy and anonymity of their Bitcoin transactions.

It works by taking Bitcoin from multiple users and then mixing them together, making it difficult for anyone to trace the source or destination of the funds.

When you use a Bitcoin mixer, you essentially send your Bitcoin to a mixing service, which then mixes your coins with coins from other users.

Once the coins are mixed, the mixer sends them back to you in a way that makes it difficult for anyone to trace the original source of the coins - This makes it more difficult for others to track your transactions or identify your Bitcoin wallet address.

Bitcoin mixers are often used by people who want to hide their Bitcoin transactions from third parties, such as government agencies, hackers, or other unauthorized entities.

While using a Bitcoin mixer can enhance privacy and security, it can also be used for illegal activities, such as money laundering or illicit transactions on the dark web.

How Does Bitcoin Mixing Work?

Bitcoin mixers (also sometimes referred to as cryptocurrency tumblers), work by mixing or blending multiple Bitcoin transactions together, making it difficult to trace the origin and destination of individual transactions.

Here's how they work:

  • The user creates a request: The user creates a request to mix their Bitcoin. They usually need to provide the amount they want to mix and the destination address where they want the mixed Bitcoin to be sent.
  • Bitcoin is sent to the mixer: The user sends their Bitcoin to the mixer's wallet address.
  • Mixing process: Once the mixer receives the Bitcoin, it combines the user's Bitcoin with other Bitcoin from different users, creating a pool of Bitcoin.
  • Re-distribution of mixed Bitcoin: The mixer then sends the mixed Bitcoin back to the original users. The Bitcoin is distributed in a way that makes it difficult to trace which Bitcoin belongs to which user.
  • Final destination: Once the mixed Bitcoin is received by the user, they can send it to their desired destination address.

By mixing the transactions, Bitcoin mixers break the connection between the original sender and receiver, making it challenging for anyone to trace the transaction.

Bitcoin mixers often charge a fee for their service, which can range from a small percentage of the transaction amount to a flat fee.

Should You Use a Bitcoin Mixer?

Why Should You Use a Bitcoin Mixer?

A Bitcoin mixer, also known as a Bitcoin tumbler, is a service that allows users to mix their Bitcoin transactions with other users' transactions in order to improve their privacy and anonymity.

There are many reasons why you may want to use a Bitcoin mixer:

  • Privacy: When you use Bitcoin, your transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which is a public ledger. This means that anyone can see how much Bitcoin you have, where it came from, and where it's going. By using a Bitcoin mixer, you can obscure the origin of your coins and make it more difficult for others to track your transactions.
  • Security: Bitcoin mixers can help protect against theft and hacking by making it harder for attackers to trace your transactions back to your wallet.
  • Avoiding censorship: In some countries, governments or financial institutions may try to censor or block Bitcoin transactions. By using a Bitcoin mixer, you can avoid this censorship and ensure that your transactions go through.
  • Peace of mind: Using a Bitcoin mixer can provide peace of mind and help you feel more secure when using Bitcoin.

It's important to note that while Bitcoin mixers can improve privacy and security, they are not foolproof.

Also, some Bitcoin mixers have been known to engage in unethical or illegal activities, so it's important to do your research and choose a reputable service. See our list of Bitcoin Mixers we recommend.

Top 6 Bitcoin Mixers & Tumblers

Here is a list of our pick of the top 6 Bitcoin mixers and tumblers is a cryptocurrency mixing platform that focuses on enhancing the privacy and anonymity of Bitcoin transactions with the goal of breaking the traceability of transactions by mixing your Bitcoin with those of other users. offers various security levels for mixing and allows users to specify one or multiple receiving addresses for the mixed coins. The platform also provides a unique "Tumbler code" to prevent users from receiving their own coins in future mixes and to offer cumulative discounts for repeated use. Benefits:

  • Easy to Use: Anonymize your Bitcoins in just three simple steps.
  • 3 Security Levels: Advanced anonymizing mechanisms with unique characteristics.
  • Smart Anonymity: No personal data that could lead to identification is collected.
  • Multiple Receiving Addresses: You have the option to specify one or multiple receiving addresses for the mixed coins.
  • Quick Processing: The service requires only one blockchain confirmation to start the mixing process, making it relatively quick compared to some other services.
  • Tor-Mirror for Enhanced Privacy: For those who require an extra layer of privacy, recommends using their service through their Tor mirror.

Speed and Privacy

  • One Confirmation: The service requires only one blockchain confirmation to start processing your order, speeding up the mixing process.
  • No Logs: does not keep any logs, and all data is deleted 24 hours after your order is completed.


  • Basic Fee: A minimum fee of 0.4% of the transaction amount plus an extra 0.0002 BTC for each incoming transaction.
  • Custom Fee: Users are advised to set custom fees to enhance anonymity.
  • Membership Discounts: A unique "Tumbler code" is provided on your first use, which qualifies you for discounts on future transactions.



UniJoin is a mixing service that uses CoinJoin technology to mix your transactions with other transactions in a pool. UniJoin currently only supports Bitcoin transactions. On the website, it says it plans on supporting Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether transactions in the near future.

A key feature of this service is its ease of use. UniJoin allows the private buying and selling of goods online (in countries where crypto is typically restricted).

UniJoin benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Support Tor
  • UniJoin can be used to buy products and services anonymously.
  • Transfer delays can be set (to further obfuscate the transaction)
  • The company strictly adheres to a 'no-logs' policy.

Maximum Transaction Amount:

  • The maximum amount of BTC you can mix is 1000 BTC


  • The fee per mixing operation ranges between 1%–3%



Mixero generates untraceable coins, helping users mix their crypto while maintaining privacy and security. Using CoinJoin technology, your crypto is pooled with others to obfuscate any digital footprint.

The advanced mode employs a unique mixing method in the cryptocurrency world known as “exchange.” This method involves swapping assets from BTC to XMR and back to BTC. The process employs automatically generated wallets that are not linked to any exchange, making it extremely difficult to track transactions.

You only need to enter one or more destination BTC addresses to use the Mixero service. After that, you can decide what fees Mixero should charge.

Mixero benefits

  • Does not keep logs of user’s personal data, like IP addresses
  • Option to delay transactions for increased privacy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers Customer support


  • Low fees and flexible transactions make it affordable for different user needs



Coinomize is a Bitcoin mixer that offers a variety of features. It records no logs, and users note the fact that the platform fees are very low — which is also flexible. For many users, a big benefit is Coinomize only requires one confirmation to process the transaction.

Coinomize benefits

  • Coinomize does not store transaction logs or IP addresses.
  • Supports Tor (for an extra level of anonymity).
  • Just one confirmation is needed for transactions to be processed.
  • Android app is available for mixing Bitcoin on the move.


  • The minimum amount of BTC to be sent is 0.03 BTC,
  • Send up to 5 BTC addresses for greater anonymity.



MixBTC is a popular anonymous Bitcoin mixer that also charges a low fee and supports SegWit addresses. For transactions to be processed, a minimum of three confirmations to be completed. Users have generally been happy with the service, noting the low fee and reliability of the service.

MixBTC benefits

  • The platform has a no-log policy
  • The mixer supports SegWit
  • Extremely user-friendly slider-based interface

Minimum Transaction Amount:

  • The minimum requirement for a transaction is 0.005 BTC.
  • Users also have the option to set delay times.


  • The fees are very low - 0.5%.
  • For additional services, fees start at 3%.


Blind Mixer

Blindmixer uses what is known as 'blind signatures' to keep your transactions untraceable. Blind mixer functions as both a mixer and a crypto wallet.

The mixer uses what they call an 'in-house coin selection algorithm'. This algorithm allows for the batching of transactions at scale.

Blind Mixer also supports lightning transactions. However, since this is a 'blind mixer' there is a chance (very low) that the sender can receive their own funds back.

Blindmixer benefits

  • Supports SegWit (natively)
  • Supports lightning network
  • Low transaction fee with free internal transfers
  • Stand Alone Wallets for  Windows/Linux platforms.


  • Fees vary from 100 satoshis to 441 satoshis.
  • Offers free and instant transfers between users

Bitcoin Mixer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are Bitcoin Mixers Legal?

The legality of Bitcoin mixers, also known as Bitcoin tumblers, varies depending on the jurisdiction. In some countries, Bitcoin mixers are legal and widely used, while in others they may be considered illegal or subject to regulation.

The reason why Bitcoin mixers are sometimes viewed with suspicion is that they can be used for money laundering or other illegal activities. However, it's important to note that Bitcoin mixers are not inherently illegal. They are simply a tool that can be used for both legal and illegal purposes, just like many other technologies.

Some countries, such as Japan and Australia, have taken steps to regulate Bitcoin mixers to prevent them from being used for illegal activities. In the United States, the use of Bitcoin mixers is not explicitly illegal, but they may fall under anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

Are Bitcoin Mixers Traceable?

Bitcoin mixers, also known as Bitcoin tumblers, are designed to improve privacy and make it more difficult to trace the origin of Bitcoin transactions. However, it's important to note that Bitcoin mixers are not completely anonymous or untraceable.

While Bitcoin mixers can obscure the origin of Bitcoin transactions by mixing them with other transactions, they still leave a trail on the blockchain. In some cases, blockchain analysis techniques may be used to try to trace Bitcoin transactions back to their source, even after they have been mixed.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of Bitcoin mixers can vary depending on the specific service used and the techniques employed. Some Bitcoin mixers may be more secure and reliable than others, and some may offer additional features to improve privacy and anonymity, such as using multiple mixers or delaying transactions.

Can Government Entities Trace Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain, which means that anyone can see the details of each transaction, including the amount, the addresses involved, and the time and date of the transaction. However, the identity of the individuals or entities behind these addresses is not publicly disclosed.

While the government can access and analyze blockchain data to trace Bitcoin transactions, it can be difficult to associate these transactions with specific individuals or entities. This is because Bitcoin addresses are pseudonymous, meaning they do not directly reveal the identity of the person or entity behind them. However, it is still possible for government agencies to use blockchain analysis techniques to trace transactions and potentially associate them with real-world identities.

Furthermore, some government agencies have developed specific tools and techniques to track Bitcoin transactions and investigate criminal activities involving Bitcoin. For example, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been known to use blockchain analysis software to trace Bitcoin transactions in order to identify potential tax evasion.

Are Bitcoin Mixers Safe?

Safety depends on the reputation and security measures of the specific service. Always do your own research and read reviews before using a Bitcoin mixer.

Do Bitcoin Mixers Keep Logs?

Policies on data retention vary. Some services keep logs for a short period, while others do not keep logs at all. Always check the service's privacy policy.

What is a Time Delay Feature?

Some mixers offer a time-delay feature that allows you to set a delay between the time you send your coins and the time they are mixed, adding an extra layer of anonymity.

What are the Fees for Using a Bitcoin Mixer?

Fees can vary widely depending on the service. Some charge a flat fee, while others take a percentage of the transaction. Always check the fee structure before using a service.

Can I Set Custom Fees?

Some Bitcoin mixers allow you to set custom transaction fees to further obfuscate your transactions.

What is a Minimum/Maximum Limit?

Most mixers have minimum and maximum transaction limits. Make sure your transaction falls within these limits.

Can I Use Multiple Addresses for Receiving?

Some mixers allow you to set multiple receiving addresses for the mixed coins, which can enhance your privacy.

Are All Cryptocurrencies Supported?

Most mixers focus on Bitcoin, but some services also support other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

How Long Does the Mixing Process Take?

The time required for mixing can vary. Some services offer quick mixing, while others may take longer due to additional security features like time delays.