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$boden Hits ATH Signalling PolitiFi Race with $tremp Just Beginning

It's clear that the PolitiFi race between $boden and $tremp - Solana meme coins is only getting started.

$boden Hits ATH Signalling PolitiFi Race with $tremp Just Beginning |

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As $boden hits ATH, it becomes clear that the PolitiFi race between $boden and $tremp - Solana meme coins is only getting started.

Enthusiasts from the crypto taxation software CoinLedger made a funny site to illustrate the race of these tokens during the 2024 supercycle.

A screen from

What started as a lazy-drawn meme became a real race where crypto enjoyers vote for their favorite meme president with real money. On top of that, two communities actively troll each other:

Tweet by AJM, one of the active fans of $boden

At the moment, 19-day-old $boden has a $150M market cap:

$boden chart on CoinMarketCap

And 23 days-old $tremp has a market cap of $25M:

$tremp chart on CoinMarketCap

With the U.S. election just 8 months away, expect this race to escalate into an enthralling spectacle, captivating attention like never before! CoinLedger team has decided to illustrate this epic race on a fan site

What do experts think about the phenomena of PolitiFi coins?

Crypto expert David Kemmerer, a spokesperson and CEO of CoinLedger comments:

-How far it can go in your opinion?

Recent weeks have shown that meme coins are one of the hottest crypto trends and they entered a supercycle. For example, $BOME surpassed 1B Mcap in less than 24 hours. Yes, $boden and $tremp have smaller market capitalizations but robust communities. And as the elections become closer, there will be more and more memeble news that will fuel the communities with new memes and money inflow. Therefore, I think that both of these coins have the potential to grow to 1B Mcap by the end of the year. Yet, don’t forget that this market is highly volatile. Acknowledge all the risks associated with that.

-What will happen after the election?

The forthcoming election is poised to significantly influence the growth of the cryptocurrencies $boden and $tremp. However, the conclusion of the election is merely one factor influencing their valuations. I believe community enthusiasm plays a crucial role. The way investors interpret and disseminate news can have a more significant effect than the events themselves. Moreover, the performance of Bitcoin (BTC) will have a direct impact on $boden and $tremp. Should BTC's value rise, it's likely that $boden and $tremp will follow suit; a decline in BTC, however, poses a risk for them.