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The Secret to Millionaire Wealth in Crypto

Follow the '3 times 10x' rule during the next bull market

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With both the Bitcoin and Litecoin halvings soon approaching, we can look forward to the next bull market soon approaching. I say this with a high level of confidence because ALL of the prior crypto bull markets have been timed to the Bitcoin and Litecoin halving events.

The next Litcoin halving will be happening in less than 100 days and with the anticipation of the bull market taking place after this halving event, it's worth reviewing a simple, often misunderstood secret to achieving millionaire wealth within the crypto space.

If you have been following this newsletter for any time, you'll have noticed we regularly report on micro-cap altcoins that have increased hundreds and even thousands of percent within a 30-day period - See Micro-Cap Gainers (below).

For example, the best-performing Altcoin in this week's newsletter is RXD, up 880% in the last 30 days. In fact, this is the second time RXD has been highlighted on our weekly reports.

The secret to millionaire wealth is making 3 consecutive trades of each 10x...That's it.

With an initial $1,000 investment, let's review the math:

  • $1,000 investment which increases 10x = $10,000
  • $10,000 reinvested which increases 10x = $100,000
  • $100,000 reinvested which increases 10x = $1,000,000

In reality, it's very rare to make three consecutive 10x trades - but not impossible.

When the next crypto bull market hits, most likely we won't begin to see it until after the Litecoin halving event (less than 100 days from now), there will be ample opportunity to make massive gains in the next bull market.

During this time, there will be many crypto projects across the board easily making +10x within days or even weeks (which is very typical in a crypto bull market).

It's during this bull market, it's important to remember this 3 times 10x rule.

The majority of wealth made within the crypto market has been during the bull markets and while we wait for the upcoming bull market, we can slowly and consistently accumulate our crypto holdings (this is also known as the accumulation phase), in preparation for the upcoming bull market.

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