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How to Find the Next Big Metaverse Project

Just as in the real world, the metaverse will have industries worth billions. To know which industries will become huge, take a look at real-world industries.

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The metaverse is going to be the next big growth market within the cryptocurrency space and to find the next big metaverse project you only need to look at some of the largest real-world industries.

In the past, I have covered how there are over 1 billion online gamers. The online gaming industry is a $19 billion per annum industry and when these online gamers realize there are alternatives where they can play games and get paid, well, we will continue to see the massive growth within this sector.

Play-to-Earn gaming isn't the only high-growth industry. With the introduction of the metaverse (virtual reality), we will start to see analogues of these real-world industries created within the metaverse world.

Finding the Next Big Metaverse Project

While Play-to-Earn gaming is our focus, it's not the only sector that will see massive growth. To find the next big metaverse project, you only need to look at existing real-world industries.

For example, if we look at the real-world industry of horse racing, it's a 300 billion dollar industry. This industry as well as many others will have its metaverse analogue.

Digging into this sector, we found DeFiHorse. A horse racing platform that offers some of the best graphics, the ability for players to own, race, and breed horses. With this project mimicking a real-world approach to horse racing, these horses (and their offspring) could be worth a lot in the future. This project is already on over 6 million people's watchlists and isn't yet actively traded.

DeFiHorse is just one example of the many new metaverse projects currently in development that will be released this year. To keep track of these metaverse and Play-to-Earn projects, we have compiled a shortlist of the projects which we believe have high growth potential within this space.

Play to Earn Shortlist

The report below is our short-list of the Play-to-Earn projects with the greatest growth potential categorized by market capitalization. The crypto projects with the greatest growth potential (10x-25x) are found within the Micro and Nano Capitalization levels. Membership is required to access this report.

P2E Shortlist
Micro-Cap & Nano-Cap Play-to-Earn projects we believe have strong potential for 10x-25x gains.

Join us as we publish weekly and monthly reports on emerging and major cryptocurrencies as we search for the best crypto projects with the highest growth potential.

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