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HAAS Online Review: Pros & Cons (2023)

Review of HassOnline Trading Bot Platform

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HaasOnline is considered s the #1 Bitcoin Trading Bot Platform in 2023. In this article, we will review this trading bot and provide an overal conclusion. HassOnline is one of the most well-known and innovative crypto trading solutions that can be used by traders of all experience levels and implemented with over 20+ crypto exchanges.

In this HaasOnline product review, I will be covering all aspects of HaasOnline, including but not limited to crypto trading, trading strategies, complex automated trading algorithms and more.

About HassOnline:

HassOnline is one of the most well-known, well-established automatic crypto trading bots in the world.

The HaasOnline Trade Server, which is their current flagship product, is well-liked by beginner and experienced traders alike who have come from traditional markets like Forex and are trying to optimize efficiency and profitability in cryptocurrency markets.

HaasOnline Key Features

The following are the key features of the HaasOnline trading server:

  • Crypto Trading Bot
  • Exchange Integration
  • Backtesting and Paper Trading
  • HaasScript Editors

Crypto Trading Bot

The trade bots are far more adaptable than other custom bots, which are pre-built for certain profit margins (npm). This enables the user to quickly reproduce virtually any strategy by configuring technical indicators, chart settings, safety nets, and insurance.

HassOnline has pre-built methods are used by traders who are just starting with automatic crypto trading. These customized bots are packed with historically tested tactics, and all that is needed to put them on an exchange is some configuration.

Exchange Integration

Utilize the relationships and in-depth integration they have with these important Bitcoin exchanges. With this level of flexibility, users may use sophisticated techniques, such as the Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot.

Users also have control over the transactions using the crypto trading platform; there are no limitations based on trade activity. No exchange limits are currently in effect. Every exchange that supports it is included in every one of the plans.

Backtesting and Paper Trading

Utilize the backtesting tool provided by HaasOnline with reliable historical data. Crypto trading strategy simulation allows users to see how crypto trading algorithms respond to changes in the market.

Using historical exchange data, improve automated techniques, and examine how they would have responded to different historical market moves. Use several price closing techniques to precisely assess the accuracy of the automated trading strategies logic.

Use the simulation engine with various crypto trading algorithm variants to test the scripts’ responsiveness to real-world market situations and make improvements as needed. With other risk elements like slippage, the simulated engine offers traders a broader understanding of how well algorithms operate.

Which Exchanges are Supported?

HassOnline supports all the major exchanges. In total, they support +24 popular exchanges. This includes:

Bitfinex BiMex Bitpanda Pro Bitstamp Bittrex
ByBit Coinbase Deribit FTX
Gemini HitBTC Huobi Ionomy Kraken
Kraken Futures KuCoin Mandala OKCoin OKX
Poloniex Binance

What are the Types of Bots Available?

HaasOnline supports many different custom bots which work on their integrated exchanges. However, not all bots will work on the futures market.

HaasOnline Supports the following Bots:

  • Trade bot
  • Email bot
  • Intelli alice bot
  • MadHatter bot
  • Market making bot
  • Order bot
  • Scalper bot
  • Trend lines bot
  • C# script bot
  • HaasBots or HaasScript

For spot exchanges, this also includes:

  • Accumulation bot
  • Advanced index bot
  • Crypto index bot
  • Flash crash bot
  • Inter exchange arbitrage bot

What Type of Support is Provided?

HassOnline offers excellent online support. All registered users have access to both live chat and also are able to submit tickets (through their ticketing system). However, it should be noted that they do not provide telephone support.

What is the Best AI Trading Bot (2023)?

For a full listing of the best AI crypto trading bots for 2023, click on the article link below:

Top 5 AI Crypto Trading Bots for 2023
The best AI trading bots for 2023 include HASS Online, Quadency, BotCrypto, Shrimpy, and Cryptohopper.

Final Conclusion: HaasOnline

HaasOnline is a very sophisticated and powerful crypto trading software solution. It is also very user friendly without requiring any specific coding skills. This allows crypto traders of all experience levels to create their own customised crypt trading robots or to take advantage of pre-built crypto robots.

This crypto trading robot is up there with some of the other popular automated crypto trading platforms, including Quadency, BotCrypto, Shrimpy, and Cryptohopper.

It is important to be aware, there will be a learning curve when first getting started. Fortunatly, the HaasOnline website offers excellent trainding material and resources to help you get started with minimal downtime.

It should also be noted, the developers have also partnered with over 20+ crypto exchanges, giving a lot of choice what exchange you connect your HassBots.


Is HaasOnline Legit?

Yes. HassOnline has been in business for many years and has many thousands of crypto investors. It is trusted and legitimate.

What is the Cost to Use HaasOnline?

The pricing starts at 0.013 and goes up to 0.038 Bitcoin annually.

How many Exchanges are Supported by HaasOnline?

Currently, HaasOnline supports 24 exchanges (and counting).

Is HaasOnline Trustworthy?

Yes. HaasOnline has an excellent track record and been in the industry for a long-time and trusted by many thousands of crypto investors.

Is HaasOnline Easy to Use?

Yes. The platform is geared to beginner and experts alike. There is also a lot of training material and videos to help answer your questions.

Can You Try HaasOnline for Free?

No. Unfortunately, this plaform does not offer trial or free accounts.