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🚀 AI Trading Bot Review (2024)

Stoic is a fully automatic (hands-free) AI crypto trading bot, changing how crypto is traded. Trading Bot Review |

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What is

Stoic AI is a fully automatic (hands-free) ai crypto trading bot. The software has been under development for the last 7 years and significantly beats the market when it comes to earnings. Stoic is also one of the easiest crypto trading bots to use - Just connect it to one of the exchanges they support, sit back, and watch the earnings roll in.

This crypto trading bot is fully automated and offers only three trading strategies to choose from (as well as three different risk tunings) to fit your crypto investing risk profile.

The bot's trading strategies are deemed to be "market neutral", which means it doesn't matter the market condition if it is a bear or bull market, these trading bots are designed to create profit in any market.

Their best-performing trading strategy - Long Only: Uptrend King, claims an APY of up to 406%.

The pricing for this AI trading bot is also very fair, starting at just $9/month.

Over 2,143% Since March 2020

Stoic AI Trading bot Review |
Crypto AI trading Bot

What Exchanges are Supported by

The exchanges supported by Stoic include: Coinbase, Binance Global, and Binance US

Trading Strategies

Stoic offers three automated trading strategies:

  1. Fixed Income: Multi-cycle strategy (APY +4% - +27%): A market-neutral, steady performance strategy with lower risk and modest yield. Purchases spot assets then shorts them simultaneously on the Futures market.
  2. Meta: 200+ sub-strategies in one (APY +38%: A market-neutral strategy with moderate risk and strong yield. Allocates funds in a dozen sub-strategies at the same time to be efficient in any market environment.
  3. Long Only: Uptrend King (APY +406%): A long-term, portfolio rebalancing strategy with moderate risk and high upside potential. Purchases long positions in the top 30 coins most likely to increase, and sells those that are estimated to decrease.

Stoic Features

  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Three Bot risk levels to choose from balanced, conservative, volatile
Stoic Ai Trading Bot Review |

How to Get Started

Getting started with Stoic is very easy.

  • Sign up for Stoic
  • Connect your exchange
  • Choose your plan

That's it.

The bot will take care of the rest and do all the trades using your exchange account. There really is nothing else to do.


The pricing for Stoic is very reasonable with plans starting at $9 per month

  • Starter Plan: $9/mo (Portfolio up to $3.5k)
  • Plus Plan: $25/mo (Portfolio between $3.5k-$10k)
  • Pro Plan: 5% in Crypto (Portfolio +$10k)
Stoic AI

The team behind Stoic claim to have over 15,000 paying customers with managed funds over of $130M and they are also an official Binance broker and have been featured on many popular publications, including Nasdaq TradeTalks and Fidelity TedX.

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