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🔥Weekly Report: $B20 +446% (30d)

BTC $25.8k, ETH $1.6k, KAS +27% (7d), $B20 +436% (30d)

Crypto Investor - Altcoin Report

Table of Contents

In this report:

  • Market Update Top 3 Reasons the Market Will Pump Soon
  • Top 100 Gainers: Kaspa (KAS) +27% (7D)
  • Micro-Cap Gainers: ALEX $B20 ($B20) +446% (30d)
  • Monthly Altcoin Pick: The next Altcoin Pick will be released in two weeks!

3 Reasons the Market will Pump Soon

Top 3 Reasons the Market Will Pump Soon

The market has been moving sideways over the last few months with Bitcoin only increasing in price by 0.82% over the last 90 days.

While there is this lull in the market, I would like to remind you that the market will pump soon, and here are the top three reasons why.

#1 - Upcoming ETF Approval

Some of the world's largest financial institutions are preparing for Bitcoin ETFs. This includes the world's largest asset manager Blackrock (with over $9T in Assets Under Management), Fidelity ($4.5T AUM), Franklin Templeton ($1.5T AUM), and Invesco ($1.5T AUM), Wisdom Tress ($87B in AUM), ProShares ($65B in AUM), and the list goes on.

With all this institutional money about to pour into Bitcoin, it will significantly impact the price of Bitcoin and as a consequence the rest of the crypto market. We have already seen how 'just news' of Bitcoin ETF has already impacted the market. Once they are actually approved, it's likely to have a major impact.

And it won't stop at just Bitcoin ETFs, Ethereum ETFs will likely be next.

#2 - The Bitcoin Halving Event

Every 4 years there is a preprogrammed big event that takes place called the Bitcoin Halving Event. Each and every time after this event, the price of Bitcoin reached new all-time highs.


The next Bitcoin halving event is scheduled around mid-April 2024 and if this halving event follows what has happened each and every prior halving event, we can expect to see a new all-time high for Bitcoin.

During past halving events:

  • 2012 - BTC increased 365% leading up to the halving event, +8,069% in the year after.
  • 2016 - BTC increased 142% leading up to the halving event, +284% in the year after.
  • 2020 - BTC increased 17% leading up to the halving event, +559% in the year after.

#3 - Crypto has Matured, is More Robust & Resilient

While most people focus on crypto prices and whether the market is going up or down, the technology and infrastructure behind these projects continue to grow, develop, and expand regardless of market price.

Also, let's not forget, that this industry is only 14 years old and it wasn't that long ago crypto was frowned upon by governments and institutions. Now governments are creating their own cryptocurrencies (CBDCs) and the world's largest financial institutions are lining up to get their piece of the Bitcoin ETF pie.

While the technology behind many of these projects has continued to improve, these improvements are not currently reflected in its market price.

In fact, there are many solid "blue-chip" crypto projects that are highly undervalued (hint, hint - ISO 2022 Compliant cryptocurrencies).

Then you also have new emerging technologies, pioneered by crypto like Web3 and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) - two of the most significant innovations to come out of crypto recently.

While these technologies are still in their infancy, combine this with Artificial intelligence (AI), and it's almost inconceivable what will come out of crypto in the upcoming years - The cryptocurrency industry is at the forefront of both the financial and technology industries, and where some of the biggest financial gains in history have been made.

What is the Catalyst for the Next Bull Market

These are currently the top three catalysts that could move us into the next bull market and most people wait by the sidelines until the market heats up before investing - As a reader of this newsletter, that isn't you ;)

The best time to be getting into the market is right now - while prices are still low and many 'blue-chip' projects are still significantly undervalued.

Join Us - As We Accumulate

The next massive pump in the market will likely be triggered by one of the three abovementioned events. Until that happens, now is the best time to be getting into the market, while prices are still low.

If you would like to know what we are buying, you are more than welcome to join us as we share our monthly Altcoin picks in preparation for the upcoming bull run - You just need to become a member.


Crypto Market at a Glance (7D): - Last 7 days
Kaspa (KAS) is the biggest gainer, up +27% just this week! It is up +490% since the beginning of March and was also our Altcoin Pick back in March.
Kaspa (KAS)

Crypto Fear & Greed Index:

Fear and Greed Index

Today's Crypto Fear and Greed index = Fear –> Increased to 43 (from 41 last week).

The crypto fear and greed index is determined by human emotions - Fear and greed. These two primal emotions, play pivotal roles in shaping investors' decisions and the overall market sentiment.

Learn more about the emotional landscape of the crypto markets when it comes to fear and greed and how to safeguard yourself and your crypto investments from it.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Movement

Bitcoin has increased 3.08% in the last week, currently trading at $26,656. In the previous 90 days, Bitcoin has increased by 0.82%.

Ethereum has increased 0.53% in the last week, currently trading at $1,643. In the previous 90 days, Ethereum has decreased by 4.67%.

Global cryptocurrency market capitalization has increased to $1.06T (from $1.04T last week).

best cryptocurrency to buy now

Top 100 Gainers - Last 7 Days

Over the last 7 days, the biggest gainers (within the top 100):

Two of the four top-performing coins this week were prior Altcoin Picks - Toncoin (TON) was our December Altcoin Pick & Bitcoin Cash (a recent Altcoin Pick).

Toncoin (TON) +17.4% - Ranked #11

TON (The Open Network) is a decentralized platform developed with technology originally from the social platform Telegram. Its native cryptocurrency is Toncoin, used for various activities within the network. TON offers a variety of applications, from wallets to cross-chain transfers, and has a robust community supporting its growth and development. The network emphasizes a decentralized and open internet for its users.

THORChain (RUNE) +15.4% - Ranked #56

THORChain (RUNE) is a decentralized platform enabling native asset swaps across multiple blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. It's secured by its native token, RUNE, which gains value as more assets join the network. Users can swap assets, earn yield from swaps, and maintain full control of their funds without relying on wrapped tokens. Future plans include introducing synthetic assets, DEX aggregation, and more during 2023.

VeChain (VET) +14.6% - Ranked #35

VeChain (VET) is a blockchain platform focused on enhancing supply chain processes. It merges the digital and physical worlds, emphasizing trust, collaboration, and holistic value. VeChain operates on a two-token system: VET (utility) and VTHO (incentives/payments).

The platform is known for its scalability, low-carbon footprint, and strong cross-industry partnerships. VeChain's governance is overseen by a Steering Committee elected by nodeholders, ensuring transparency and continuous evolution.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) +13.1% - Ranked #18

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that emerged as a fork of Bitcoin in 2017 due to scalability disagreements. While Bitcoin Cash increased its block size to handle more transactions, it split again in 2018, leading to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

The primary focus of Bitcoin Cash is to serve as a medium of exchange, contrasting with Bitcoin's role as a store of value. Both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash utilize a proof-of-work algorithm, but Bitcoin Cash has made adjustments to maintain consistent block generation times.

Micro-cap altcoins

Biggest Micro-Cap Gainers in the last 30 days

Every week we review and analyze small and micro market cap cryptos looking for the next low-cap gem.

These are the best-performing (quality) micro-cap projects over the last 30 days:

Best Performing Quality Micro Caps (Last 30 days):

monthly altcoin picks

Monthly Altcoin Pick:

In two weeks, we will release the next Altcoin Pick for the month. If you would like access to this and future Altcoin picks, consider becoming a member - It's only the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month.

Altcoin picks are emailed to members as soon as they are published. If you are wondering how we choose our monthly Altcoin Picks - this is the methodology we use.

Our Altcoin Picks for the prior months can be found here.

Thanks and appreciation to all our members!

Until the next report,